Blac Chyna Dresses Up As Rob Kardashian For Halloween At The Request Of Her Son — PHOTO

It takes all kinds of families to make this world go 'round and Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and Chyna's son, King Cairo proved that this Halloween. At the behest of her four-year-old son, Blac Chyna dressed up as Rob Kardashian, her fiancé and father of her Cairo's unborn sibling who is due sometime in November. Blac Chyna, who can be seen on E!'s six-part one-hour series, Rob & Chyna, shared a video of her on Halloween getting into full Rob Kardashian character on her personal instagram page.

In the video, the future Kardashian gets one friend to act as the constantly-hounding paparazzi filming the event while she and another friend who was dressed like Blac Chyna (fake baby bump and butt included) ran away. The "paparazzi" asks "Chyna, Chyna, Rob, what's the baby's name going to be?" and Chyna retorts, "I'm Rob Kardashian! Leave our family alone." This sort of dedication to a Halloween costume is definitely something all of us can get behind. Not to mention Chyna totally nails the "Rob" look with some drawn-on scruff, a black T-shirt and sweatpants, and some slip-on sandals over socks. The pièce de résistance is a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball hat. The caption is just as on point and funny as the whole video and reads, "I wish the paparazzi would just leave our family alone!"

Before Chyna tried her hand at portraying her fiancé, her son King Cairo showed what he could do. Chyna shared a video earlier on Halloween of her son angrily proclaiming in the way only a toddler can that he wanted to be "Roobbbbbbb!" for Halloween this year, Ferrari Man be damned! When asked why, the boy smiled, "because I like him."

After Kingy got all decked out with fake tattoos, fake Gucci flip flops (made by Blac Chyna with scissors and duct tape), a black tee, and a baseball hat, Chyna asked her son if he was sure he didn't want to be the Ferrari Man for Halloween. King Cairo slyly said "no" because this is a boy who knows what he wants. Chyna captioned the photo honestly, "This is the cutest thing ever I must say!! 😩😍 King doesn't want to be the Ferrari man anymore for Halloween but instead wants to be Rob ☺️☘️!!!"

One has to wonder who Rob dressed as for Halloween? Or maybe he's not the costume-type. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: this family is definitely having the cutest Halloween around!

Images: blacchyna/Instagram (3)