Jane & Michael Have Sex On 'Jane The Virgin' & It Was An Emotional Experience For Our Heroine

After having a baby and getting married, Jane finally did it and lost her virginity. If you ignore the fact that the title of The CW show is now a misnomer, you can focus on how excited you are that Jane and Michael had sex on Jane the Virgin . Unfortunately though, with over two seasons of build up, their first time together was not as magical as one of Jane's romance novels and while Michael thought they had finished together, Jane admitted she had faked her orgasm. While it was disappointing to say the least for all parties involved, Jane the Virgin continued to make Jane relatable (you know, except for maybe the sex tape shenanigans) as she struggled with the very real-life issue of troubles in the bedroom.

Losing your virginity is a personal experience and its importance ranges from person to person, but for Jane, it was a huge moment in her life and Jane the Virgin acknowledged that. Jane remembered the day from her childhood when her abuela had her crumple the flower to show how you can never go back once you have sex and Xo made a point to ask Jane how she was feeling. Yet, while people like Xo and Lina couldn't help but be giddy at the news, Jane was melancholy from the experience, which was only made worse since she couldn't orgasm the first few times with Michael. While that led to some hilarious mishaps, like Jane feeling the burn after having a reaction to some lubricant ("It feels like wasabi down there!"), it showed that no longer being a virgin deeply affected her.

The real issue was less about the orgasm and more about how Jane felt like she had lost part of her identity when she had sex. Her mom was the person who helped her get out of her head by explaining that she hadn't lost anything despite losing her virginity — she had gained a whole new part of her life. The point that Xo made about the flower metaphor giving a negative connotation to female sexuality was so empowering and by the end of the episode — after a successful stint in bed with Michael — Jane was more than ready to throw out that framed photo of her flower. Because losing her virginity is just as beautiful as the flower that represented it and though her virginity was a part of who she was, it's not something that needs to continue to define her — even if it's still in the name of her show.

Image: Patrick Wymore/The CW