What Happened To Sharna Burgess On 'Dancing With The Stars'? An Injury May Cut Her Season Short

Who would have thought that IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe would have been one of the dark horses on this season of Dancing With The Stars? He and partner Sharna Burgess have steadily climbed to the top of the leaderboard, but is it all about to come crashing down? When Dancing With The Stars started, James was standing with troupe dancer Jenna Johnson (she danced with Jake T. Austin at the beginning of the season). What happened to Sharna Burgess on Dancing With The Stars ?

Well, I’m sorry to say that Sharna may not be returning to Dancing With The Stars — things are a little iffy right now. She hurt her knee in last week’s group dance, and considering she has already had a reconstruction on the same knee, Sharna went to the doctor because she felt something was off. Her doctor confirmed her worst fears, saying that they needed to get the inflammation in her knee down and that she needed to stay off of it for three to six weeks. Unfortunately, there are only four weeks of competition left if James makes it to the finals, and that puts Sharna and James in a bad place. Sharna choreographed and had Jenna fill in as a dancer for the Halloween performance, but it’s up in the air that Sharna will make it back onto the floor. She’s not supposed to be on her knee, but so close to the finals, she could decide to grin and bare it.

And that performance with Jenna and James? Magic, as usual. It shows what a great dancer is now that he can jump in with a new partner and be amazing — the dance was a Viennese waltz to “You Don’t Own Me” and had James as the Joker and Jenna as Harley Quinn. It was steamy and skillful and definitely the favorite dance of the night (it earned a perfect score from the judges). Dancing or not, as long as Sharna is at the helm, James still has a shot at the finals.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC