Michael Sanchez & Sa'rayah Go Head To Head In 'The Voice' Knockout Rounds & The Result Is Surprising

What happens when you pit two of the greatest performers of this season of The Voice against each other in a Knockout Round? Utter amazingness, then utter heartbreak. Team Alicia's Michael Sanchez battled Sa'rayah for a spot on Team Alicia in the Live Shows and it was the battle of the night. Sanchez led Miley Cyrus to proclaim her love to him after a rousing performance of "Just The Two Of Us" on the piano and Sa'rayah left it all on the stage with a power-punching performance of "Ain't Nobody." They were both so good in different ways, which made Alicia's decision just about as hard as it could get. But she had to choose one artist, which meant the other was inevitably going home since Alicia is the only one left with a steal. Alicia ultimately chose to keep Sa'rayah on her team, sending Sanchez home with nothing but the memories.

While Sa'rayah is clearly an amazing artist and was even compared to Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin by Faith Hill herself, it seemed that Sanchez was the real winner. His Knockout Round performance was fun, entertaining, and showed off all his best skills as an artist. From his killer vocals to his expert piano playing and everything in between, it seemed that Sanchez was basically guaranteed a pass into the Live Shows. But Sa'rayah's power notes resonated more for Coach Alicia, which is why she decided to keep her on her team. Though Sa'rayah is bound to do amazing in this competition, it's sad to see Sanchez go, especially after such a great performance.

This Knockout Round just goes to show how much talent there is on this season of The Voice. Extremely talented artists are sent home because even better artists are chosen to continue on the show. The range of talent is also great this season. The talent pool spans from country artists to alternative artists to pop artists to rock artists. Every contestant possesses their own originality that sets them apart in the competition. Now that the top 20 is almost complete, it's clear that this season is one of the most talented in the show's history.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC