Will Maggie & Alex Get Together On 'Supergirl'? The Two Could Be DC's Next Power Couple

While the first season of Supergirl kept most of the major 'shipping in the CatCo offices, this season seems to have romance brewing on the law and order side of the storyline. Even Kara and Mon-El, who are spending time together at the DEO, is almost certainly gonna turn into something more. Also, will Alex and Maggie get together on Supergirl ? Two of their missions have looked suspiciously like dates, and they make a pretty good team.

So good, in fact, that the two of them basically ignored Kara while investigating a new case... and Kara noticed. Still, I have a feeling that the Danvers sisters' next ice cream and movie session might broach the subject of Alex's feelings about her new contact at the NCPD. At the end of the episode, Alex asked if she wanted to get a drink, but Maggie instead met up with her date, possibly girlfriend by now, from the previous episode — and Alex was visibly bummed.

“If people suspected chemistry," said executive producer Greg Berlanti in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "they’ve got good instincts. I love that people are already really invested in their dynamic. If they are, they’ll hopefully continue to be really pleased.”

In the Season 2 premiere, Alex bemoaned her lack of a dating life to Winn. This is definitely something that's been on her mind. It's slightly difficult to tell the level of flirt when Maggie and Alex are in a working environment. Normal people don't make crime scenes and alien fight clubs as an excuse to dress up and hang out. Alex has had chemistry with many characters on this show. Personally, I 'shipped her with Maxwell Lord to no avail, though in retrospect it is probably fine that nothing happened there. Still, this seems different. It's not just banter, Alex seems to really care and like Maggie. This seems like the makings of a classic television slow burn relationship, and I'm looking forward to seeing out it plays out on Supergirl.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW