How To Get Rid Of Hat Hair

As the weather grows chillier, there are an abundance of layers added to our outfit equations — one of which is hats. While beanies add a chic statement to any outfit, the hat hair that comes with them certainly doesn't. Luckily, there are remedies for hat hair to ensure that you won't turn up to the office looking like your hair deflated or spontaneously morphed into a frizz ball of untamable proportions.

If you're sick of desperately trying to fluff your hair back to life in restaurant and office bathrooms with varied and disappointing results, look no further. With a few simple ticks and tricks, you can have sleek, manageable hair — even after a particularly long commute and while wearing a thick, wooly hat.

While this all might sound like black magic, there are actually a lot of easy, no-fuss tips out there to make your locks look gorgeous this upcoming winter. From carrying certain emergency hair products in your purse to using common household items you'd never think to put on your head, bad hair days can be a thing of the past. Ahead are tips that'll help fight hat hair — there's no reason to wave the flag of limp-haired defeat this season.

1. Flip Your Part

One clever way to fight the flattening power of beanies is to simply flip where you part your hair.

"Parting your hair on the opposite side before putting your hat on will create a barrier between the hat and your desired style, a shield from the dreaded hat head. When you get indoors, flip your hair back and you'll be good to go," says Jaymi Van Horne, a hairstylist at Toronto's Good Day Hairshop. It's as simple as that.

2. Keep Some Serum Handy

If you're constantly battling static and flyaways when you take off your hat, nix that problem by carrying around some serum in your bag. "Keeping a small bottle of serum in your bag will help smooth out any kinks in the hair and help fight static. My go to is the Smooth as a Snake hair serum by Good Day Hairshop," Van Horne suggests. That way you'll never have to pat it all down with water in the office bathroom.

3. Don't Underestimate The Power Of Scotchguard

Scotchgard Fabric And Upholstery Protector, 10 oz, $5,

While you might have a bottle handy for your suede booties or favorite leather purse, try directing that nozzle towards the inside of your knit beanie. "Spray some Scotchguard on the interior of the hat. Doing this will prevent static electricity and unruly flyaways," Meredith Morris, stylist, colorist, and owner of MAVEN Beverly Hill, shares in an email to Bustle.

4. Or Pop A Dryer Sheet Into You Hat

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If you don't have any Scotchguard handy, another great alternative is to use a dryer sheet. "Keeping a dryer sheet in your hat will help fight static AND keep your hair smelling laundry fresh," Van Horne points out.

5. Try Braiding Loose Hair Before Leaving

Even if your intended hairstyle isn't a braid, it might be in your best interest to gather up your loose hair and throw it into a temporary plait during your commute.

"Loosely braiding you hair before putting on a hat helps keep the tension of the hair taught. In doing so, the strands of hair are unable to form to the shape of the hat," Van Horne shares. Once you get to your destination, you can just take your hair tie out and shake it loose again, marveling at the fact your hair still looks as it did in your bathroom mirror.

6. Tuck Some Dry Shampoo Into Your Purse

Batiste Dry Shampoo, $8,

Dry shampoo isn't only great for slightly greasy bangs or keeping your curls intact. It also has some re-fluffing qualities that could be a savior during the season of hat hair.

"Dry shampoo is a great product to use to refluff hair that has been sitting under a hat and molded to your head," Morris advises. So if you take off your beanie and have a wicked case of plastered hair, just take out your bottle and spritz.

7. Try Wearing A Ponytail

Rather than stressing out about all the ways you have to bring your hair back to life once you get out from the cold, Morris suggests skipping that tap dance altogether and instead focusing on hairstyles that incorporate the flat look from the get-go. For example, skip the teased hair and go for a chic and sleek ponytail instead.

"Wear a sleek ponytail underneath the hat," she says. "This is a simple and easy style, on trend, and super easy to put back in a perfectly groomed once that hat is removed."

8. Make Sure Your Hair Is Completely Dry

Even a slightly damp head can ruin your a hair day. "When your hair is wet, the cuticle is very malleable and will take the shape of whatever is shaping it," Van Horne says. "By completely drying your hair before putting a hat on, you are lessening the opportunity for things to go awry." So blast your crown with some hot heat one more time before popping on the knit. Your hairstyle will thank you for the extra precaution.

Keep these tips in your back pocket and bust them out next time you reach for a hat. You'll never have to stress over your winter locks again.

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