9 Things Your Hair Stylist Wants You To Stop Doing

Going to get your hair done is a very "me" kind of moment — you're treating yourself with hours of pampering. Though it's cool too be all about kicking back and relaxing, you should also consider the fact that there are things your stylist wants you to stop doing at the salon that might actually surprise you.

Think about it: When you swan into the establishment ready to treat yourself with hours of beauty, you might not consider that there are a couple of things that you might be doing that make your colorist want to grumble. While they absolutely want to give you the relaxing experience you're after — and of course, the customer is always right — there are some considerations that you, the devoted client, could pay attention to make their jobs easier. After all, if you love your stylist, you'll want them to have an enjoyable experience dyeing your hair — and give them the opportunity to do an amazing job.

There are some no-brainers (arriving on time and not talking about last nights Tinder date on speaker) that are obvious contenders, but you there are probably also a few things you haven't considered. Read ahead to hear tips shared by stylists on the small gripes they have with clients, and what they wish we could realize when we sit down to update our looks.

1. Don't Lie About Your Hair History

If you snuck in an out-of-the-box dye job between appointments or don't want to relive that time you got red highlights, you might feel the need to give your stylist a white lie when it comes to your hair history. Apparently, that small fib can have some serious consequences.

"When your stylist asks questions about previous hair services, whether they were done in a salon or at home, you must be honest. The stylist is asking so they can professionally access what process your hair might need in order to achieve the result desired. Not being honest with your stylist only potentially puts your hair in harms way," Meredith Morris, stylist, colorist, and owner of MAVEN Beverly Hill, shares in an email to Bustle. If you want your new ombre color to turn out just like the picture on your phone, fess everything up. You'll be happy you did.

2. You Brush Off Salon Products

Don't complain to your stylist about frizz or split ends and then turn up your nose at the products they offer at the salon. They're not car salesmen — they're not trying to con you into buying a lemon! "Use professional products you purchase from your stylist. These products are origin guaranteed; you never have to worry that your product is not authentic or that it won't give you the guaranteed outcome. Think of your hair stylist as your hair doctor. The products recommended to you are your prescription to maintaining your best hair while at home," Morris explains.

3. Keep The Fidgeting To A Minimum

While a small turn of the head here and there is only natural, try to keep your moving around to the minimum. "I appreciate that you want to make direct eye contact, but if I am strategically placing your colour or holding a pair of scissors that are sharper than your kitchen knives, I need you to stay still," Jaymi Van Horne, a hairstylist at Toronto's Good Day Hairshop and with over 10 years experience, explains in an email interview with Bustle. If you don't want to have an accidental asymetrical hair cut, try to keep your focus on staying in one spot.

4. Don't Color Your Bleached Hair On Your Own

If you were a blonde and want to change things up, avoid the need to save a couple bucks and doing it on your own. This move will only make your colorist want to weep into their hands. "I have met so many clients who have attempted to cover their blonde bleach-out at home. Going from blonde to brown, or worse, blonde to black in the comfort of your best friends kitchen is a step that sometimes even I cannot reverse so it is important to have a trained professional assess and suggest before going any further," Van Horne stresses. Save everyone a headache and make an appointment!

5. Try Not To Rush

If you rush into the salon asking your colorist if she could turn you into a blonde in 30 minutes or less, prepare to be disappointed. There's a set amount of time your hair needs to be underneath the dye, so don't ask to speed up an appointment to fit some other engagement in your schedule. "Hair color has a processing time. When you make your salon visit, allot the appropriate time. Your stylist needs application time and processing time — rushing the processing only compromises the result. There is no such thing as instant hair color," Morris points out. If you don't think you can give the hour and a half you need to the appointment that day, it's better to just reschedule.

6. Don't Stay Mute If You Hate What You're Seeing

If you don't like the way your haircut is turning out, don't bring out the imaginary voodoo pins in your mind. It's way better to speak up mid-appointment rather than afterwards in an angry Yelp review.

"It's okay to be picky, it's not okay to not be honest about being picky. Clients like to think that as soon as they sit down in the chair that they are someone new but as soon as they walk out the door, they are faced with the fact that they are still the same person, but with an edgy pixie cut that does not fit their lifestyle," Van Horne points out. "It's okay to express your likes and dislikes — our job is to read your mind and fill in the gaps between what you've told us and what we think you want. So throw us a bone and be honest and open during the consultation, not at the end."

7. Try Not To Micromanage

While it can be annoying if your hair color doesn't turn out exactly like the picture in the magazine, trust your hair stylist's reasoning and explanations — they've been working with hair longer than you have.

"Make sure you see a hair stylist who you can trust. This person has gone to school, apprenticed and more than likely continues their education. Let your stylist take the reigns and don't micromanage the process," Morris advises. There's most definitely a reason to their decisions — trust that they're giving you the best results.

8. Be Respectful Of The Space

While a quick phone call is sometimes unavoidable when you're in the chair, don't turn it into a full blown Skype session. "When in the salon, be respectful of the space. Never talk on your speakerphone. This is not only annoying to your stylist bit bothersome to other clients who might be trying to enjoy a relaxing experience," Morris explains. If you don't like hearing someone's loud conversation over how their coworker used their coffee cup for the third time, it's safe to bet that the other people around you don't either.

9. Don't Show Up Late

"Our schedules are often a Tetris game of perfectly orchestrated appointments. 10 minutes means we don't get a break, 15 minutes means our next client is not going to be very pleased and 20 minutes means we probably can't take you, and shouldn't," Van Horne shares. "We understand that things happen, but a quick phone call to let your stylist know that you're running behind or to make other arrangements for another time or date means a focused and meaningful appointment for you, the client."

As you can see, all of these are just minor gripes and suggestions. In the end your stylist loves you — but as they try their best to make it an enjoyable appointment for you, return the favor back to them!

Images: @verneho/ Unsplash