Glossier's Black Tie Set Has So Many New Products

It's the season of holiday sets — adorably packaged, limited edition offerings for makeup and beauty fiends. Of course Glossier has a holiday collection called The Black Tie Set, which is the minimalist but effective brand's interpretation of a holiday look. What's in the Glossier Black Tie Set, which arrives on Tuesday, Nov. 1 with a $50 price tag?

Oh, it's good. It contains four makeup items, three of which are new products for Glossier. The brand is offering its first eyeliner, lip gloss, and nail polish ever!

There's the No. 1 Pencil in Graphite, which makes it debut. Glosser hasn't done an eyeliner before so this is a "Yay!" moment. The liner has a creamy gel formula that glides on and doesn't pull nor does it drag. It's named after the color of pencil lead and is a soft black hue with just a touch of shine.

The Black Tie collection also has another brand new item — a whisper-light, pink lip gloss that adds a megawatt shine with just one coat. It's thin consistency doesn't lessen the glassy finish it adds to your pout. Glossier has done lipsticks before but this is its first gloss.

Wait… there's more! Go ahead and fan your face with your hands to help you calm down because Glossier's Black Tie Set keeps getting better and better. For dem digits, there's a nail polish in #glossierpink. This marks the brand's first nail lacquer, as well.

Any Glossier fan knows that powdery pink is the co.'s signature shade, from the website to the branding to the reusable (and separately purchasable) pink zipper pouches in which products are shipped. Therefore, a pink lip gloss and nail polish makes total sense.

The collection also includes the Moonstone Haloscope highlighter. That shade is new and as is the case with this product, it adds a dewy sheen to skin, along with loads of moisture.

Lastly, the set comes with a party-ready, black satin bow tie, which can be repurposed in a high pony, as a choker around your neck, multi-wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet, or fashioned into some clever and creative decor.

The Glossier Black Tie Set has all of your features covered – eyes, lips, tips, and face.

Get it at and then gift it to yourself or your makeup-loving BFF. It's limited edition and was produced in limited quantities. It will only be available through 2016 while supplies last, per the Glossier site. Hurry and scoop one up!

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (4)