Kimmy's Brother Makes His 'Fuller House' Debut

by Mary Grace Garis

Earlier this month, the universe was shocked and rattled to find out that the Tanner-Gibbler clan was getting a new addition. E News! reported that Kimmy Gibbler’s brother was appearing in Fuller House Season 2, and it was a side-eye worthy announcement for those of us who have been with the sitcom clan from the beginning (i.e. everyone). Kimmy Gibbler spent her Full House days flying suspiciously solo, with no mention of having a brother named Jimmy (as this character is appropriately named) or any sort of family. So you had to question where Jimmy Gibbler has been the entire time, and how he’s going to fit into the Fuller House.

Well luckily the Fuller House Season 2 trailer doesn’t tease us or leave Jimmy as a passing mention. We’re finally introduced to the guy, and, well, it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere any time soon. Time will tell if he’ll bring something fresh and new to the series or just be a testosterone-addled version of Kimmy (actually, I’m leaning towards the latter). For now, though, we at least have the following tidbits that uncover a little bit more info about Jimmy and where his place is in the full house.

1. He Shows Up As New Love Interest For Stephanie

The first real thing that happens in the new trailer is that Steph and Jimmy are macking it over an acoustic guitar, like two sensitive college freshmen on the quad. It's not revealed if Stephanie was, in fact, playing "Wonderwall," but she definitely didn't know who this guy was before they locked lips.

2. Kimmy And Jimmy Are Very Close, Like, Close Enough To Have Their Own Dance Routine

It was hinted that Jimmy was going to be a lot like his sister, but you can be similar to a someone and hate that about them. Luckily, such is not the case here, and it looks like the pair love each other very much. There's definitely a lot of cringe-worthy Gibbler solidarity here. It kind of makes you wonder where he's been the last 20 years...

3. Jimmy Is Younger Than Kimmy

Kimmy was only solidly hinted to have an older brother named Garth in the series, and so I'm pleased that they're not trying to rebrand that sole mention as this new character. In fact, Jimmy being Kimmy's baby brother sits well with me here. It means that he's probably closer in age to Stephanie, and comfortably explains why he probably didn't a lot of screen time. Just as a refresher, Steph is about five years younger than D.J., and, in places that aren't the full house, you usually don't hang recreationally with a sibling that substantially younger than you. At least, not until you're much, much older, and the age difference evens out.

4. Jimmy Is A Frequent New Face In The Full House, If He Doesn't Pretty Much Move In Entirely

After he's introduced he pops up in the background all over the place, which makes you question if the Tanners adopted yet another Gibbler. Because, you know, this house wasn't full enough. That's not necessarily the case, but it's very clear that Jimmy isn't a drive-by character on the show, and in fact has a substantial recurring role.

5. He's Helping Out With D.J.'s Surprise Holiday Photo

Which is... nice of him? Like, he seems like an upstanding young man.

6. And He Makes It In The Show At Least Until New Year's Eve

Which insinuates that he actually developed a relationship with Stephanie that carries his role through all the holidays. That, not the fact that he's Kimmy's brother, is his actual hook onto this family.

You can watch the Fuller House Season 2 trailer to get a better sense of Jimmy and all the quality time he'll be spending with the rest of the full house fam.

Images: Netflix/YouTube (7)