Important Hints From The 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Trailer You May Have Missed — VIDEO

Turn on the local news in Hawkins, Indiana, and you'll get a clue to what's in store for Stranger Things Season 2. That's what fans learned from a new trailer for Stranger Things that focuses on an episode of Minute By Minute with Brenda Wood. The local newswoman is giving a brief update to what the next season of the sleeper hit will be about. You just have to read between the lines and the barbs. And yes, that pun is meant to be taken very literally for all those Barb stans out there. Oh, you're going to be very happy. The show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, promised that Barb would not be forgotten in Season 2, and this latest clip seems to confirm that news by dedicating the whole first part of the trailer to Barb's disappearance.

Sure, the trailer isn't long, just a little over two minutes, but it manages to clue fans into what the Duffer Brothers would like to focus on in the next season of the Netflix series. Some hints are more obvious than others, which is why I'm going to break down some of the more subtle things you can make out of this new video.

Before diving into all the clues, you can check out the promo below.

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1. Barb Is Finally Going To Get Some Damn Justice


Turns out, the town is on the hunt for the second missing teen. The segment is a wink and nod to all the Barb fans out there who are missing Nancy's best friend, who knew how to rock a pair of mom jeans ("or as we call them now, jeans," as Wood points out) and a pair of fantastically oversized glasses. All true. It also shows that Barb may be gone, but she's not forgotten.

2. "Contact The Authorities" About Barb


That's not an unusual request, but when the authorities in your town may be part of a larger plot, oh, it should spark a lightbulb. As in, this is another way for the town to keep its odd happenings at the lab under wraps. I have to echo The X-Files's Fox Mulder here: "Trust no one."

3. It's A Windy Night In Hawkins


It's not odd to see a newscaster give a weather update, but the fact that it's windy shouldn't be overlooked. The wind was definitely blowing on the night Will was taken into the Upside Down, and it blows before the monster tends to show up. The wind is representative of a force that is out of this world. Could this meteorological detail be a hint that someone is heading back to the Upside Down or coming out of there? Say, Eleven or that Demogorgon? I'm already scared just thinking of the possibilities.

4. Nancy Isn't Available For Comment


OK, this could just be a dig that she's busy with her boyfriend Steve — just as she was when Barb disappeared. Or it could be a clue that Nancy is off looking for her best friend. Maybe she can't be reached, because she's not in Hawkins. Intriguing, no?

5. Someone's Stealing Frozen Waffles


Eleven is the only one who would not want to Leggo her Eggos, which means she may not be as far gone as fans once thought. Especially since it's been revealed that yes, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, will be back for Season 2.

6. Hopper's On The Eggo Case


What was the deal that Hopper made with Dr. Brenner at the end of Season 1? Is it that he will be keeping tabs on the talented girl who calls him Papa? It sure is interesting to know that the Police Chief is asking people to specifically contact him about a shoplifter. Really seems outside his pay grade, unless that girl is the key to something much bigger. Oh, you know you're excited to see Hopper's role in all of this.

7. You Still Want To Stay Away From Mirkwood


You know, the street where Will Byers' bike was found? The street that runs alongside the Hawkins National Laboratory is certainly one to stay away from, that is if you don't want to find yourself face-to-face with a monster. Seems like the lab may be up to its old tricks and won't be going away in the second season. In fact, this may be a clear hint that fans are going to learn more about the lab and what it's been up to all these years. Definitely heed Wood's advice on this one.

8. Where Did Brenda Wood Go?

You may notice that Wood just sort of disappears at the end of the trailer before the Stranger Things theme plays. Maybe Barb isn't the only who mysteriously disappears in this new season.

Sure, it may not be enough, but these tiny hints are enough to inspire some serious theories about Season 2. Too bad fans have to wait until 2017 to see if any of these are true.

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