Where Can You Buy Beanie Babies? How To Find The Iconic '90s Toy Both Online & Offline

Who else took part in the Beanie Baby obsession that first began in the early '90s? (Me!) It was that ironically pointless toy that we had to have regardless. As adults, some of us are looking to get our hands on the stuffed toys because they remind us of all the best parts of the '90s. Where can you buy Beanie Babies today? The good news is that even though the original line of Beanie Babies was discontinued, you can still find the infamous plush playthings in a number of places. But, you might have to do a little digging — and in some cases, it could cost you a pretty penny.

The very first incarnation of Beanie Babies as we knew them aren't in production anymore; they've been replaced by a new generation that is recognizable as relatives of the original Beanie Babies, but definitely different. (The times, they do change.) However, the originals are still floating around out there. You can know this for certain because some of them are worth a whole lot of money, so the owners hang on to them while waiting to find the highest bidder. Rest assured that there are other Beanie Babies, though, that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

If you're currently shopping for Beanie Babies, here are a few places you can look.

Ty's Website


This is perhaps the most obvious option, although not exactly the most helpful one. Ty still offers a variety of beanie toys; they're just not the ones we grew up with. The Ty Classics line is probably the closest you'll get. The one exception is Peace the tie-dyed bear, which was special because each one was unique. They no longer have that quality, but it's close enough.



A quick search for Beanie Babies on eBay will show you plenty of sellers trying to make a buck or two (or $428,400) off the iconic '90s toys. Scroll through the listings and you might find exactly what you've been looking for. You'll often have the option to either buy it immediately at a fixed price, or bid on it. And if you're the highest bidder, you win.



When I think of the world's creepiest places, Craigslist is near the top of my list. But it's still a good place to find Beanie Babies. I did a quick search for BB in my area and came up with lots of results. Just watch our for strangers, please and thank you.



Amazon is another place where you'll find sellers in ownership of original Beanie Babies. As with any other online selling platform, make sure you read all the fine details and take a good look at the pictures.

Thrift Stores


Some people don't bother trying to sell their Beanie Babies. Most of them aren't worth much, anyway. For this reason, you can hit up thrift stores and possibly run into some of your old pals.

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