We Were Weirdly Passionate About These '90s Things

by Megan Grant

We all have our favorite '90s toys, clothes, and games, of course; but there are also other, perhaps strangely particular things we were weirdly passionate about in the '90s, too. Things that, in our young minds, could make or break it all. Think of it like trying to eat one potato chip. It's just not feasible. You want the entire thing, crunching on the greasy crisps until your fingernails are scraping the bottom of the empty bag. This appropriately describes all of your '90s obsessions. They didn't have much rhyme or reason, but these were still passions that defined this iconic decade.

Looking back at it now, I wonder why we cared so much about Lisa Frank and JNCO jeans and jelly shoes. At the same time, I vividly remember how much I loved my Precious Moments collectibles, multi-colored retractible pens, and light-up shoes. And when life gets tough, I know that I certainly wouldn't mind hiding away in my room watching Rugrats and Doug, instead of looking for new health insurance and scheduling my next gyno appointment. Adulting is so hard sometimes.

Out of all the hottest and hippest '90s trends, these are the ones I remember us being most passionate about.

1. Plastering Everything In Scratch n' Sniff Stickers

Looking back now, I wonder how ridiculous I looked inhaling my folders and Trapper Keepers. Regardless, if I were to get my hands on some smelly stickers today, I'd still stick 'em everywhere.

2. Knowing Every Word To The Fresh Prince Theme Song

Most of us could kick it off, but it was the kid who knew all the lyrics who really had a bright future ahead of them.

3. Destroying Your Opponents In A Game Of Red Rover

You remember this game — the opposing team would stand holding hands and sing, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Megan on over." You'd run over to them and try to break the chain. If you didn't break the chain, you joined the opposing team. If you did, you'd take one person back with you. Good times — and competitive ones.

4. Proving You Could Put Together The Shrine Of The Silver Monkey

Out of all the rooms featured in Legends of the Hidden Temple, the one featuring the Shrine of the Silver Monkey was the most iconic. Contestants would have to assemble the three-piece monkey statue, and I can distinctly remember watching this on TV screaming, "NOT THAT WAY, YOU IDIOT." Had I ever been on that show, I would have rocked it — even '90s me knew it. The above tutorial will help you perfect your technique.

5. Showing Off The Biggest Collection of Milky Pens

What kind of family did you grow up in if you only had one or two milky pens? Call me when you've got about 20 in your pencil case — all different colors.

6. Being The One Who Saved the Dodgeball Game

One of my best memories from elementary school was the most beautiful save during a rowdy game of dodgeball in gym class. I caught the rubber ball in my hands. The crowd went wild. It was epic.

7. Solving The Mystery In Figure It Out

Summer Sanders hosted this addicting game show where a panel of contestants would have to figure out the guest's secret talent, trait, etc. Figuring it out was the kiddie equivalent of knowing the final question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? — and we all wanted to prove our smarts.

8. Wrapping And Decorating All Your Schoolbooks

Sure, you could buy covers; but the truly passionate '90s kid carved up old paper grocery bags to cover their schoolbooks, which they then decorated, likely with their milky pens and scratch n' sniff stickers.

9. Collecting The Full Set Of... Whatever

Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Polly Pocket, Tamagotchis, American Girl dolls — the '90s owned some of the coolest collectibles in existence. If you were in love with Beanie Babies, you didn't have one Beanie Baby. You had allllllllll the Beanie Babies.

10. Making Your Own Jewelry

Yes, this was a thing. A pretty cool thing, too. You'd come up with all kinds of knots and color combinations. Every day you'd walk in with a new creation, the girls would be so jealous.

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