11 Harry Potter Accessories For Adult Fans

Remember reading Harry Potter back when we were kids? Everything was so simple and magical. We felt like we, too, were hanging out in the Gryffindor common room, or playing wizard chess, or fighting the forces of snake-based evil. Don't you wish that you could recapture that magic, but with more alcohol involved? Well, the Harry Potter generation is growing up and it's leading to some very... creative adult accessories. So if you're looking for more Hogwarts magic in your wine glasses and lingerie, look no further: here are some Harry Potter accessories for adult fans (and only adult fans).

After all, it's never too early to start planning your Harry Potter-themed holiday gifts, or your Wizard-style New Years party, or your sensual, Marauders-inspired anniversary. Maybe you just want to treat yourself to a grown up Butterbeer. And who doesn't want to show up to the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in HP underwear? No one, that's who. These accessories are the perfect way to say, "I will always love Harry Potter!" but also, "I am old enough to pay taxes and buy my own liquor."

So check out these grown up Harry Potter accessories, for the discerning Hogwarts alum:

1. Felix Felicis Flask

Felix Felicis Potion Flask, $20, Etsy

If you're looking to get lucky (and also drunk), you absolutely need this gorgeous flask of Felix Felicis, or Liquid Luck. Sure, there's no actual potion in this flask, but you can fill it with real alcohol and then look all clever and literary while you're discreetly swigging whisky on the train at 2 am. Also comes in Polyjuice Potion design.

2. Harry Potter Shot Glasses

Harry Potter Shot Glasses, $15, Etsy

Sometimes a flask is just not enough. HP shot glasses are an absolute must for the Hogwarts alum who loves to party. Just imagine that you're tossing back shots of Firewhiskey in the Three Broomsticks with Hagrid, or getting trashed at a Slughorn party.

3. Neville Longbottom Undies

Neville's Bottom Women's Underpants, $16, Etsy

I... genuinely did not know that there was so much humorous Harry Potter underwear to be found on the internet. I really shouldn't be surprised. But... hey, if want to send the message that you are sexually attracted to Neville Longbottom, then this is the pair of panties for you. This is a space of no judgment.

4. Butterbeer

Butterbeer, $23, Amazon

If you don't have time to sift through the entire internet for Butterbeer recipes, you can simply buy a six-pack of Flying Cauldron's Butterbeer. It's a delicious take on the Hogsmeade beverage, but unfortunately it's non-alcoholic... until you add a couple shots of butterscotch schnapps to it, that is. A perfect mixer for a magical cocktail party.

Butterscotch Schnapps, $15, Shop Wine Direct

5. Accio Wine Glasses

Harry Potter Wine Glass, $9, Etsy

These glasses won't actually allow you to magically summon more wine, but they sure look cute. If flasks and shot glasses are not so much your style, you might prefer the refined class of a Harry Potter-inspired wine glass. You can order your glass with a stem or stemless, and with glitter or without, so you can put together the exact set of HP glassware that your heart desires.

6. Horcrux Wine Charms

Horcrux Wine Charms, $24, Etsy

What's a wine glass without a wine charm? These charms fit around the stem of your wine glass so you can keep your germs to yourself, and they come in the shape of all eight horcruxes (that's right, Harry gets a shout out). The journal, the cup, the locket, the diadem, Nagini—all adorable and perfectly sized to help you get wasted.

7. Butterbeer Edible Massage Oil

Butterbeer Massage Oil, $9, Etsy

You read that right. Butterbeer-flavored edible massage oil. Surprise your S.O. next date night with a sensual massage oil based on their favorite children's books (or just used it alone in the tub, it's your edible massage oil). Plus, it's vegan, moisturizing, and very delicious.

8. Mischief Managed Crop Top and Panties

Crop Top And Panties, $22, Etsy

Looking for a sporty set of underwear? (Or outerwear, I don't know how you conduct your affairs.) This "Mischief Managed" set is a cute, flirty reference to the Marauder's Map, while also implying that you've done something ill-advised very recently.

9. Deathly Hallows Pasties

Deathly Hallows Pasties, $25, Etsy

Look, I don't know why there are Deathly Hallows pasties in this world. All I know is that if you, a consenting adult, desire to purchase little, shiny symbols of the Deathly Hallows and wear them over your nipples, you may do so. Perfect for really surprising your S.O., or for choreographing a very particular striptease.

10. Hogwarts Garter

Harry Potter Garter, $30, Etsy

Perfect for the soon-to-be-wed Potterhead. Or, you know, anyone who just feels like wearing a garter. These beautiful ribbon garters have the Hogwarts crest and Gryffindor colors, but don't worry: you can also buy a set of all four houses (you will then have to get married four times, though).

11. Deathly Hallows Harness

Deathly Harness, $42, Etsy

Hey, man. If you're into Deathly-Hallow-themed-strappy-bra-harnesses, this one's for you. I can't say that I personally know how to put this on just by looking at it, but I can guarantee that this is the underwear Bellatrix was wearing for most of books six and seven.

Images: Etsy