Taylor Swift Adds More Ghostwriting To Her Résumé

Remember back in April 2016 when Taylor Swift announced she was taking a break from music? At the time, she told Vogue, "I'm always going to be writing songs. The thing is, with me, I could very well come up with three things in the next two weeks and then jump back into the studio." While Swift has yet to record or release any new music herself, it's quickly becoming apparent that the superstar has continued to write throughout her hiatus. First, it was revealed that she collaborated with former boyfriend Calvin Harris to write his hit single, "This Is What You Came For," under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. And in news that shouldn't remotely surprise anybody, it turns out that Swift wrote Little Big Town's "Better Man."

As if fans needed any more proof that Swift is one of the most prolific songwriters today, news that she ghostwrote Little Big Town's latest song is extremely enlightening. Not only is it exciting to see her return to her country music roots by collaborating with the band, but the lyrics are pretty provocative and don't even try to hide the fact that they're about a relationship turned sour. Perhaps the song's content is the reason Swift didn't want to release it herself?

Swift fans were expecting the singer to drop a new record in Oct. 2016, as she's released an album like clockwork every two years since her career started. While no new album has materialized yet, she's clearly been writing new music throughout 2016, and it's more than a little exciting to find out that "Better Man" is one of her songs. The lyrics take on a whole new meaning when you know that the 1989 singer wrote them. In true Swift style, "Better Man" examines a relationship that's gone wrong because her partner was unpredictable, and even though they were still in love, she ended the relationship. The lyrics are hard-hitting, and will resonate with anyone who's ever been disappointed by someone they love. Take a read:

I know I’m probably better off on my ownThan lovin' a man who didn’t knowWhat he had when he had itAnd I see the permanent damage you did to me

Clearly, Swift is writing about a relationship that was incredibly difficult to break free from, and which still has a hold over her even now. She wrote,

I know I’m probably better off all aloneThan needing a man who could change his mind at any given minuteAnd it’s always on your termsI’m hanging on every careless wordHoping it might turn sweet again

Whether Swift is drawing from her own experience or creating a character, "Better Man" is an emotive song that explores the complexity of romantic relationships. Sometimes, loving someone isn't enough, but it can take a while to realize that the way a person treats you isn't good enough. "Better Man" has made me incredibly excited for Taylor Swift's next album, and hopefully fans won't have to wait too much longer for new music from the singer.

Now, have a listen and decide for yourself whether the song is about Harris or Tom Hiddleston. Or maybe even someone else.