Beyonce's Cobra Jumpsuit Was Blocked By European Customs

Being a pop princess doesn't shield you from all of life's frustrations: even Beyoncé is not exempt from the trials and tribulations of international security. Her opening costume for the on-going European tour almost didn't make it to the stage. The one-legged cobra jumpsuit was blocked by customs on it's way overseas, allegedly due to a lack of required paperwork.

Beyonce's shimmery snakeskin jumpsuit was created by New York designer Rubin Singer, who has previously made stage outfits for Alicia Keys and Shakira. According to the New York Post, Singer "locates special rare skins in Europe and Asia, then molds and fashions them himself" on a mannequin.

The one-of-a-kind garment was stopped by European customs on Tuesday after being shipped from New York without the necessary paperwork. Bey's team of stylists were able to track down the papers and the costume arrived just in time for her performance in Lisbon.

We're sure no one would have been disappointed if Beyoncé had been forced to perform her opening act in lingerie (the show must go on, after all), but Queen B was surely relieved to have the glamorous garment back safely. We can't even imagine how much a cobra skin jumpsuit costs these days...