Will 'Little Women: LA' Season 5 Have A Reunion? The Stars Have A Lot To Discuss

The Season 5 finale of Little Women: LA may air on Nov. 2, but that doesn't mean that the series is going away just yet. Little Women: LA will have two reunion episodes that close out Season 5. The first part of the reunion will air on Nov. 9, and the second half will follow a week later on Nov. 16. That's going to be the final look at these women before the show goes off the air for at least few months (Season 6 seems likely, if not confirmed by Lifetime just yet). And it's going to be their best chance for reconciliation before the season officially comes to an end. Once the cameras are off, you're more likely to see the Little Women: LA cast hanging out or posting supportive messages towards one another on social media, but during the season, while forced to spend time together, their issues can often be exacerbated.

And nothing is more uncomfortably intimate then one of these reunions. Memorably, in the past, Briana's husband Matt has been the source of plenty of controversy, including the moment when he revealed that he had indeed been unfaithful to his now-wife by sexting other women. It was certainly one of the most memorable moments in the series' history.

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Once again, Matt has been a huge part of Season 5, with even Jasmine, who once completely stood by him, urging Briana to turn their temporary separation into a divorce. In fact, that disagreement has severely damaged Briana and Jasmine's friendship — perhaps they can reconcile during the reunion.

Christy has spent almost the whole season outside of the group, and the reunion could be her chance to explain herself and why she feels so left out. Her attempt at a poker night ended in disaster, and she, too, damaged her friendship with Briana after taking a firm stance against Matt.

But as one of the earliest adopters of the anti-Matt crusade, Christy has been so single-mindedly determined to prove his issues that it derails basically any social gathering. I understand why she wants to protect her friend, but at this point, it's more like former friend. Christy could use the reunion as a chance to apologize and to explain some of her own personal issues, like being estranged from her son or struggling with the news that she won't be adding to her family.

But the reunion won't be all serious. Surely, there will also be plenty of baby photos from Terra, Briana, and Elena, and updates on Jasmine's pregnancy. One thing is for sure, though: every time all of the Little Women: LA get together, it's bound to be an explosive occasion and the Season 5 two-part reunion should be no exception.

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime