Baddie Winkle Is Missguided's Newest Campaign Star & Fans Are Freaking Out

The coolest collaboration of 2016 just might be here. Baddie Winkle is the latest campaign star for Missguided, and she's getting the party started like the pro she is. If you weren’t already in the mood to live it up this holiday season, you will be once you see how Miss Baddie goes glam.

Winkle is the face of the brand’s upcoming party line, and she knows exactly what it takes to have a good time. All you need are some sequins, maybe even a feather boa and a can’t stop, won’t stop attitude to rule each and every rager you attend. If there’s anyone who knows how to bring the fun, it’s this 88-year-old woman who first became an internet sensation for her majorly badass style. With her Missguided gig, Winkle joins the likes of Pamela Anderson and Amber Rose, who have also posed for the brand. Clearly, for her age is nothing but a number. She's been running the game since 1928, and by the looks of this campaign, she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The latest collection will be available to shop at Missguided on Nov. 18, according to the brand's website. These photos are all you’ll need to see to be absolutely convinced to purchase a piece (or four!) as soon as the line drops.

Missguided on YouTube

For her, life is one big party. And the rest of us are just lucky to be along for the ride.

Naughty or nice? Winkle and Missguided choose naughty. And I'll have what they're having.

She's as bad as they come.

This woman will forever have VIP status.

Because I mean, how could she not?

All hail the Queen of Parties!

With Winkle for Missguided, the fun never ends. Fans of the brand and of Winkle are absolutely in love with the idea of the two teaming up, and I can’t say I blame them. As far as collaborations are concerned, this one’s got to go down in history as the one that rocked the hardest.

There's so much slayage happening right now.

Yeah, def count me in.

You could never go wrong with this "glam-ma" as the face of your brand.

The party don't start 'til she walks in.

Get it!

This really is the best!

For real. Does it get any better? I think not!

Seriously, don't ever change, Baddie.

Images: Courtesy Missguided (7); YouTube (1)