Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy Prank Continues, But One Kid Totally Knows What's Going On — VIDEO

Another Halloween, another classic Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy prank. In fact, it's the sixth year of Jimmy Kimmel convincing parents to trick their unsuspecting, post-trick-or-treating children and pretend like they ate their kids' candy. If it sounds cruel, know this: These parents just made all of their kids viral internet sensations, so obviously, they are really only looking out for their best intentions here. (Plus, they didn't actually consume the candy, which is the only thing that children, the day after Halloween, care about anyway.)

Of course, this being the sixth year and children being Internet sleuths of their very own, there's one kid who outfoxed his own mom. When she tried to convince him that she ate all of his Halloween candy, he knew better than to fall for that ol' trick. This kid knows the internet. He's aware of pop culture and knows Jimmy Kimmel's ways. HE WATCHES YOUTUBE, Mom, and for that, he is certainly the star of the show. (This adorable smarty-pants comes in at around 4:09 in the video.)

That being said, the ones younger than this guy don't know they're being duped, and for that, there are a wide range of reactions: Everything from temper tantrums to "It's OK, Mom, I still love you, anyway" (those ones need to be preserved in a museum). And this year, Kimmel even attempted to prank his own daughter, which was kind of a fail (she wasn't into it) but still adorable just the same:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Until next Halloween, kids... and make sure you sleep with that bucket o' candy clutched to your chest all night.