Swatches Of Glossier’s Black Tie Set Prove This Kit Is All About The Shimmer — PHOTOS

Glossier is bringing the glitz and the glamour this holiday season. If you didn’t already have plans to hop from one fancy party to the next, you definitely will once you see their newly released set in action. Swatches of Glossier’s Black Tie Set prove this kit is all about shimmer and shine. Because you’ve heard of making the season bright, right? Well, this brand had a slightly different interpretation in mind.

The limited edition bundle contains a highlighter, a super shiny lip gloss, some black eye liner and pink nail polish. It’s got everything you need to get completely party-ready. Smoke out your eyes with the black liner, add a little of the Moonstone highlight to your cheeks and last, but not least slick on some gloss and nail polish. Then, you’ll be absolutely glowing as you head off to your swanky event.

Clearly, when it comes to being beauty-fied this winter, there’s no better way than the Glossier way. Once you see these products swatched, you'll be convinced of that fact. Because there’s nothing better than enhancing your natural beauty and giving your skin a boost of radiance, and that’s exactly what these product allow you to do. Happy holidays to you!

Get ready to absolutely glisten.

Shine brightly this holiday season!

The Moonstone highlight shade has endless shimmer potential.

Just look at how it catches the light.

Between the Haloscope highlighter and this ultra shiny lip gloss, you'll be beaming. And what more could you need from your makeup?

Slip on something fancy, and you'll be ready to dance the night away.

Black Tie Set, $50, Glossier

These are the only items you need in your beauty routine throughout the holidays. So, why not gift yourself a little early? This limited edition set won't be here past the end of 2016, so get to shopping while supplies last!

Images: glossier/Instagram (1); Courtesy Glossier (3)