Mel B's New Broadway Role Is Just The Latest In A Series Of Fortunate Events For This Spice Girl

Spice lovers and fans of women with excellent vocal chords, get excited: Former Spice Girl and my everlasting obsession, Mel B, is returning to Broadway to perform in Chicago . The musical opens on Dec. 28 at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City. While her role hasn't yet been announced, some details have been revealed. According to Playbill's site, Mel B (full name Melanie Brown) is performing in Chicago for a period of eight weeks through Feb. 19, 2017, and it's sure to be an accomplished performance. Scary Spice first appeared on Broadway in April 2004 as Mimi in Rent. Oh, and in case you've forgotten, she used to be in a girl band that the entire world was obsessed with, so I guess her singing is probably OK.

While I'm not obsessed with Brown to the extent of knowing what her zodiac sign is, I feel like Jupiter must be in her house of success at the moment (yes, I know that's not quite how astrology works). Regardless, this star just seems to be going up and up and up. Not only does 2016 mark the 20-year anniversary of the first Spice Girls' album (and as such, makes it the perfect time for the highly anticipated Spice Girl reunion that Brown is part of), but she has so many other enviable work commitments to juggle.

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It's not about looking back — it's about celebrating the present for the most happy-go-lucky Spice. Brown is currently involved in not one, but three talent shows, since she's hosting Lip Sync Battle UK, judging on America’s Got Talent, and guest-judging on Australia's The X Factor, according to Playbill. The confirmation that Scary Spice will be doing a Broadway performance is just the cherry on the top of the very sweet cake that has been her 2016.

And if her high-profile name and even more high-profile talent is anything to go by, I'm calling it: Brown is snapping up one of the two main roles as either Velma Kelly or Roxie Hart. Anything else for a former Spice Girl would be just plain insulting.