Who's The Piggy Man On 'AHS: Roanoke'? The Backstory For This Character Is Terrifying

As it heads to the finale, Season 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke is a completely unpredictable bucket of craziness. It can be tough to follow exactly what is happening at times and one of the biggest mysteries was certainly tied to the identity of the AHS piggy man. You know, the really aggressive guy who kept showing up with a pig as a head? Well, tonight we finally got a backstory for this mysterious, pig mask-wearing weirdo courtesy of story time with Finn Wittrock's briefly seen character, Jether Polk.

You see, it turns out that the pig man is actually one of the Polks. His name is Kincaid and he was a nasty dude. Apparently around the time of the World's Fair, he developed an affinity for slaughtering people while wearing the pig head. He would hang them up and gut them, then skin them. According to Jether, he was inspired by The Butcher. So nice to have role models, right? Unfortunately, Kincaid seems to have met an untimely end because his ghost is still hanging around the Roanoke property, terrorizing everyone. Was he the same pig-headed man who was being roasted on a spit (alive) by the members of the Lost Colony in the beginning of the season? If so, what was his crime according to The Butcher?

Things were further complicated with the pig man when Dylan (aka Wes Bentley aka the actor playing The Butcher's son on the re-enactment) showed up at the house wearing a pig head, presumably as a disguise to get past the Polks and get into the house. The real pig man remains Kincaid Polk. And, whatever happened to the real pig man, he comes from a truly horrifying family. With the introduction of the Polks, this season certainly brought the horror back to American Horror Story.

Images: FX(2)