Wes Bentley Is Back On 'AHS: Roanoke'

Just when it seemed that almost nearly everyone who had been a part of My Roanoke Nightmare was dead, another cast member appeared. Wes Bentley returned to American Horror Story as Dylan, the actor who had portrayed the Butcher's son Ambrose White. He had worked closely alongside Kathy Bates' Agnes Mary Winstead, who was notably cast as the deranged, murdering ghost — and then became a deranged, murdering alive person. So what could the actor Dylan possibly be doing back at the haunted house? Let's just say he better not be there to finish his costar's work.

As Lee and Shelby reenactment actor Audrey were about to leave the North Carolina home during the final moments of "Chapter 8," Roanoke's Piggy Man appeared. However, it wasn't the actual Piggy Man who had been running amok throughout Season 6 — it was Dylan. Luckily, Audrey recognized him since he had filmed My Roanoke Nightmare with her. Sidney had never mentioned bringing Dylan back to the set for his spinoff reality show, but it makes sense the actor knew it was happening. But why on Ryan Murphy's blood-stained earth would he show up after the massacre that occured during the blood moon — and in a dead pig's head no less?

While I totally understand the concept of FOMO, I have a suspicion that Dylan might be at the house for another reason than he just wanted to be a part of My Roanoke Nightmare again. Sure, he seemed pretty normal for that split second where he wasn't wearing the carcass of a pig on his head, but unless he came back because he went to check on Agnes and was concerned that she had gone full butcher, he shouldn't be there. And since only one person is supposed to survive, I unfortunately don't think Dylan is there to save the day — but, on the bright side, it sure is nice to see Bentley's face on AHS again.

Image: Frank Ockenfels/FX