The Coziest Sex Positions To Heat You Up This Winter

Winter is coming — and not in the fun, Game of Thrones way. It's in a horrific, cold, 'wear two sweaters because heating is expensive' way. I'm already planning my food deliveries for the next five months so I don't have to leave the house until springtime. The good news? It's time for all those hot sex positions that didn't work in summer. The ones that, when it's warm out, make you so sweaty you basically hydroplane off of each other. That leave you sticking to the sheets. But suddenly, in the cold, cold winter, they're less gross. In fact, they're great for keeping you warm. It's the best part of winter.

Because really we're looking at hibernation season here. The time when everyone wants to stay inside with a blanket and some hot cocoa and maybe, if you're feeling wild, your favorite sex toy. So I can't think of anything better to do than get under your favorite blanket and get down and dirty. If you have a onesie with appropriate openings, all the better. I want you to be as relaxed and cozy as possible.

So here are the seven coziest sex positions to heat you up this winter, because body heat is your best friend:

1. Spooning

How To Do It: If it's winter, you're probably already doing this. Lay in the spooning position, then you're free to play with boobs, clits, and go for penetration. It's great no matter what your gender or sexual orientation.

Why It's Cozy: You're essentially each other's blankets — blankets that give orgasms. Win-win.

2. Lotus

How To Do It: One partner sits in the cross-legged position and then you slowly lower yourself on top of them, guiding them inside of you. Then you can wrap your arms and legs around them.

Why It's Cozy: I mean, look at the picture. It's basically a hug — they are hugging each other. You get all the comfort of a hug plus deep penetration and a great, relaxed position for grinding. It's a bit of everything.

3. Women On Top

How To Do It: While woman on top can have you leaning back (giving them a great view), try pitching forward for maximum cosiness. You can put your weight in your hands and lower yourself forward, keeping your faces close together.

Why It's Cozy: By leaning forward, you maximize skin to skin contact, plus you're close enough for eye contact or dirty talk. They can help thrust or you can focus on grinding, so it's a great position for mixing things up.

4. In A Chair

How To Do It: Make sure you get a sturdy chair, then have them sit in it before you lower yourself on top of them. If your feet reach the floor you can bounce up and down, if not you can grind away.

Why It's Cozy: Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you want to get in a sex rut. This position keeps you warm, cozy, and face-to-face with the added bonus of being able to do it all over the house. And it's a great position for nipple play, which is always a win.

5. Modified Doggy

How To Do It: Start in traditional doggy and collapse down onto your elbows — or if doggy isn't your thing, you can start by laying on your stomach with a pillow under your hips. Raise your lower yourself until you find the perfect angle and enjoy the deep penetration.

Why It's Cozy: It's like spooning, but more active and intense for when you're feeling cold and wild. Your whole bodies are pushed together and they're in a great position for dirty talk, but it's more active and animalistic than other cozy positions.

6. Face To Face

How To Do It: Make sure your hips are a bit higher up on the bed then turn to face each other. Put your top leg over their hip and — you might need lube for this — guide them inside you.

Why It's Cozy: It's romantic, it's close, it's lazy AF— it's everything you want in a winter sex position. And it's a perfect position for introducing a bullet vibrator. It's all go.

7. Sofa Brace

How To Do It: Think of doggy style, but with support. Get on all fours bracing your arms over the edge of the sofa, while your partner enters you from behind. You can move your pelvis closer or farther away, and adjust your legs for a tighter fit.

Why It's Cozy: Another one that allows you to take your winter sex around the house, this position is great for when you are feeling frisky but don't want something as cold and expose as doggy. It's warmer and more intimate, but still with access to the clit and really deep penetration.

I know that on chilly nights getting naked can seem like the last thing you want to do, but these positions are sure to keep you warmed up as you strip down.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle