When Was The Last Census? Here's Why The Info May Be Valuable

The U.S. presidential election is drawing nearer and all things are being taken into account, including the demographic of people above voting age. Therefore, you may be wondering, when was the last census? Because, a census is the most authentic method of gaining a country's population profile.

Of course, we're all unique individuals, so basic information about a person — such as age, sex, and race — might not give away much when it comes to who they will vote for come Nov. 8. But, knowing a little more about the people in the United States may offer another piece of the puzzle, albeit a vague one, that can be hurriedly scrabbled together with the other clues we have so far.

According to The Telegraph, reporting on the latest polls and odds, Hillary Clinton's lead has narrowed. As a Brit who has recently lived through the shocking results of the Brexit vote and the ongoing aftermath, I can tell you firsthand that things are not always as they seem when it comes to politics. My advice to all U.S. citizens would be to truly think about what you want your country to become before using your vote. Some folks claimed to regret their Brexit vote — so do your own research, ignore propaganda, and come to your own conclusion.

That being said, if you wish to gain a slightly clearer view on how the vote may go, you might want to check out the last census.

The last census was in 2010, to be precise. With the assistance of the United States Census Bureau, there's a ton of information you can find out about your country and it's all broken down into Population Profile Maps, that make it a little easier to digest. There's also a bunch of helpful briefs and reports including, The Older Population: 2010, The Black Population: 2010, and the Age and Sex Composition: 2010 , among others.

However, a lot can change in six years, so it's difficult to say whether or not the last census will give much of an inkling into the way the vote will go. If it goes anything like the Brexit vote did, the whole world will probably be thrown for a loop anyway, which IMO, made all of the speculation prior to the vote kind of pointless.

But, if it helps you sleep better at night in the run up to the big day, take a peek at the 2010 Census to put your mind ever so slightly at rest.

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