Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Meeting Alton Sterling's Son For His 16th Birthday Is More Significant Than It Seems — PHOTO

On Wednesday, Kimye made a 16-year-old teen's birthday that much more special. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met Alton Sterling's son in Los Angeles at the rapper's concert. Cameron Sterling's lawyer, Justin Bamberg, shared a photo of Cameron with the celebrity couple on Twitter and wrote alongside it, "Shoutout to @kanyewest & @KimKardashian for showing 16th bday love last night to my client #CameronSterling, eldest son of #AltonSterling." As thrilling as it would be to meet Kardashian and West for your birthday, not to mention any celebrity on your special day, there is so much more to this introduction than Cameron getting to meet two huge celebs.

Granted, I'm sure Cameron considers this an amazing present and a moment that he'll never forget. However, it is more significant, mainly due to the fact that both Kardashian and West spoke out about his father's death, in addition to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. In July, Alton was shot and killed by police outside a Baton Rouge, Louisiana convenience store, where he was selling CDs, after police received a call claiming that he had threatened someone with a gun. Police say he was armed during their altercation.

After Alton's death, West simply tweeted, "Alton Sterling," with a link to a video of the shooting. He also referenced Black Lives Matter in "Freestyle 4," a song on his album The Life of Pablo. "Driving in the same car that they killed 'Pac in," he raps. "Hands up, we're just doing what the cops taught us. Hands up, hands up, then the cops shot us."

As for Kardashian, she wrote a July blog post shared on her official website discussing the importance of Black Lives Matter and why "hashtags are not enough." She wrote,

She continued,

That is one powerful post and one I'm sure that means a lot to Cameron, in addition to West's support. It is unimaginable what he has felt and faced since the death of his father, so to meet two individuals who didn't remain silent after his father was fatally shot by police, it probably means a lot to him, and makes meeting Kimye on his 16th birthday that much more special.