Photos Of Young Queen Elizabeth Show 'The Crown' Got Her Casting Just Right

Netflix's new original drama series The Crown is being praised as one of the best new shows, partly because of its attention to historical roots. Between all the gowns and make-up and beautiful sets, it's clear that The Crown was dedicated to being accurate when possible with the story of a young Queen Elizabeth and the early days of her reign. The show is so dedicated, in fact, that Netflix's plan is giving us a story that plays out over six seasons and 60 years. A rep for the royal press office did release a statement to Bustle about the show, saying, "The Crown is a fictional drama. The Royal Household has had no involvement."

According to the Los Angeles Times, the show boasts a reported production budget of $100 million and lavish sets as well as highly talented actors. Claire Foy, who plays Elizabeth, told the A.V. Club, "I don’t think the show is trying to do anything, or highlight anything, or anything like that. But I suppose from my experience of doing it, I definitely felt like I got the chance to get to know them as human beings and feel some sympathy and compassion for them."

Just how much did the show get right when they cast Claire Foy to play Elizabeth in her 20s? Here are some photo comparisons between the two.

A Casual Woman

Young Elizabeth was prim and proper, but she also spent a fair amount of time out of royal clothes. (And with those corgis, of course.) In the show, Elizabeth is seen in a style of casual dress similar to what the real Elizabeth wore back in the day.

Jewels And Crowns

A queen must look regal at all times, and The Crown pulled out all the stops when making sure Elizabeth looked ravishing enough to make an impression.

Hair Envy

Curls for days, and then some. It's safe to say that Foy looks pretty close to the real Elizabeth.

Be The Crown

Of course, the real crown was just as intricate and beautiful as it looked — and judging by what we've seen on the show, The Crown made sure its namesake was well represented.

Young And Beautiful

Elizabeth had a natural beauty, and The Crown took advantage of the fact that Elizabeth looked just as beautiful without royal clothes as she did when she was Queen. Foy isn't a perfect doppelgänger, but she's pretty darn close which makes watching the show all that much more believable.

Images: Netflix (6)