H&M collaborations are always killer. But, there’s something a little extra special about the boldness found in the Kenzo X H&M line. The items became available to shop on Nov. 3, and the collection was so popular, it reportedly caused the website to crash due to the high traffic. Clearly, tons of people are wanting to get their hands on these pieces. Is the Kenzo X H&M Collection sold out? Find out what’s still up for grabs.

The collection is available in select stores, also, but if you’re shopping online, here’s what you’re going to find in stock. Approximately 38 items of the original 65 pieces in the women’s section were still available to shop at the time of publication. This includes accessories, jackets, tops and more. So, the good news is, even if you missed the shopping frenzy that occurred the moment these products became available online, there’s still a way for you to get your hands on a little bit of the Kenzo X H&M greatness.

Star players such as the patterned Wide-Cut Silk Dress and the Pile Bomber Jacket were among the first items to go. But, you can still find plenty of bold prints, even if you just purchase it in the form of a scarf. Really, there’s no way you could go wrong with some brightly colored tiger stripes incorporated into your outfit. So, whether you’re decked out in Kenzo X H&M from head to toe or simply want to add a keychain to your key ring, you’re going to love showing off these designs.

There's been a ton of hype surrounding this collaboration.

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These pieces are the epitome of cool, so it's no wonder they flew off of the (virtual) racks.

1. Reversible Silk Kimono

Reversible Silk Kimoni, $299, H&M

This silk jacket is just the kind of thing you need to throw on over every single one of your outfits.

2. Silk Ruffle-Collar Blouse

Silk Ruffle-Collar Blouse, $80, H&M

There's a certain fierceness that comes along with wearing a red top that's covered in tiger stripes, you know?

3. Off-The-Shoulder Blouse

Off-The-Shoulder Blouse, $70, H&M

You're sure to get noticed in this multi-colored leopard print. But then again, you wouldn't have it any other way, now, would you?!

4. Reversible Silk-Blend Pants

Reversible Silk-Blend Pants, $199, H&M

The fact that these pants are reversible just means you'll get double the wear out of them. So, I'm pretty much planning to make these a central part of my wardrobe.

5. Tiger-Striped Shoulder Bag

Tiger-Striped Shoulder Bag, $60, H&M

Go on and have some fun by adding tiger stripes to your accessories, too!

6. Patterned Socks

3-Pack Patterned Socks, $30, H&M

Amp up the cool factor by adding printed socks to your look.

7. Key Ring With Charms

Key Ring With Charms, $35, H&M

Carry a little bit of Kenzo X H&M with you everywhere you go.

Cop these items and more on the H&M website.

Images: Courtesy H&M (7)