15 Creepy Things People Have Actually Found In Old Houses, According To Reddit

The content sharing site Reddit is a bounty of all things strange, funny, obscure, and, you guessed it, terrifying. As a fellow connoisseur of that spine-tingling feeling, believe you me when I say that the AskReddit sub offers some of the best "real life" frights around. To whit: A new thread detailing the many creepy things people have found in old houses is a must-read for anyone who declares The Nightmare Before Christmas to be their favorite holiday flick. Halloween may have passed, but just because the costumes are in the closet doesn't mean you have to stop reading scary stories.

Redditor 123td1234 recently submitted the question,"People who moved into older houses where the previous owners had left their things in the attic or basement, what was the weirdest/creepiest/most interesting thing you found?" — and in just a day, the thread has already gained over 2,000 comments. Some items are funny; some probably to be expected (it seems like every old house has a stash of ancient porn hiding in it somewhere); and some will scare the pants right off of you. This isn't just any old creepypasta; this is proported real life, which makes these brief tales even scarier. Prepare yourself, oh brave one, for internet tales of old, broken dolls in the attic, strange trunks in the basement, and even a few supernatural occurences. Light a few candles, grab that laptop, and hop on over to AskReddit for some real "buyer beware" thrills.

Don't worry. You'll be fine... so long as you never go into the attic.

My Left Foot

This one is perhaps more confusing than truly creepy. Why were there only left shoes? Why would they leave the shoes there when they moved? Why store them in the attic in the first place? Where's the right shoe to all those lonely lefts? We may never know.

Enough To Ruffle Anyone's Feathers

I'd chicken out of staying in that house overnight for sure.

A Spine-Tingling Experience

Sometimes the scariest thing is the unknown... and sometimes it's what might be hiding in the unfinished ceiling.

Eyes Wide Open?

"Three bedroom, two bath with a spacious garden, and an enormous glass doll eye in the attic" is not a not a real estate listing you read every day!

Why I Only Rent Newly Renovated Houses

Would this qualify as buyer's remorse?

You Can Never Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

Except maybe when you have 50 unused machettes.

A Paper Bag Problem

We've all accumulated a fair amount of plastic grocery bags under the sink from time to time, but this former owner took things to a whole new level.

What Could Be Behind Door Number Two?

One panic room in a house, I get. But three? That just seems like overkill.

A Tale To Chew On

Note to self: Always wear rubber gloves when going through strange bags and boxes.

Something In The Way You Look Tonight

This story has a Dorian Gray-type of feel. Definitely would not display that painting on the mantel.

Playtime Is Over

This is one of the scariest stories in the entire thread, and I kinda believe it. If something like this happened to me, I would definitely consider moving (unless I really wanted a new friend).

Nobody Sleeps Tonight

Hope the rent was reasonable!

There's Something Is A Little Fishy About This

A fishtank in the fireplace? Well, that's a new decorating idea.

A Gross Way To Scare Children

This Redditor's sleepovers must have been pretty popular.

If You Think The Fight For Women's Rights Is Over...

I'd say that's about enough for today!

Check out the entire thread here — as long as sleep isn't a priority for you tonight.

Images: Pixabay, AskReddit