How To Watch Election Results Live In Wisconsin

With election night looming just a few days away, most media coverage has focused on the presidential race — it's certainly never boring. But POTUS isn't the only political position up for grabs; on Nov. 8, voters will cast their ballots for state and local politicians as well. If you're wondering how to watch election results in Wisconsin, you picked the right era to be born into. Between television, radio, and the internet, there are more ways to get election coverage than ever.

If you're interested in Wisconsin's election specifically, chances are you live in the state. That being said, it's also anticipated to be one of the most important states in determining the results of the election, so it's certainly of interest even if you're not a resident. Although the state tends to vote Democratic, it's usually by a slim margin. Like everything else in the current election, it's proving hard to predict this year. In the Senate race, Wisconsin appears to be swinging right, while CBS News reported last Wednesday that Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in the state. In short, election night is guaranteed to have Americans on the edge of their seats.

Here are five ways to get election results in Wisconsin on Nov. 8, whether you're watching a television, listening to the radio, or even just scrolling through Twitter.


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If you have cable, you can tune into any of major news networks for election coverage: CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, and so on. You'll have to check with your provider to find out which channels correspond to the stations.

You also have the option to watch local news for election coverage specific to Wisconsin. WBAY covers northeast Wisconsin; WISN,CBS 58, and FOX 6 Now cover Milwaukee and the surrounding area; and WKOW and FOX 47 cover Madison.



If you don't have cable, never fear! You can keep tabs on the election online as well. Live streaming options are discussed below, but the election will be covered in print as well. Most major news network's election pages, like CNN or NBC News, are free to access; for Wisconsin-specific coverage, check out Politico's electoral map, which will list election results by state as they come in, or

Live Streaming


MSNBC, ABC News, and CBS News all offer live streaming for free. (CNN Go offers a free 10-minute preview before you're required to sign in.) Wisconsin is expected to be a battleground state in the election, so the major news networks will be covering Wisconsin's results.

WKOW, FOX 6, CBS 58, and other state news stations offer live streaming as well; depending on where you live, see if your local station can be watched online.


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For radio lovers, your best bet is Wisconsin Public Radio, which has announced it will kick off its election coverage at 6 p.m local time; the night will feature a mix of national and local public radio. When polls close at 8 p.m. local time in Wisconsin, WPR's Capital Bureau Chief, Shawn Johnson, will anchor statewide election coverage.

Social Media


Last month, BuzzFeed announced it would be streaming live election coverage through Twitter, so if you're scrolling through your feed, you can watch for Wisconsin's election results on there. You may also want to check the Twitter accounts for your local news outlets, which usually post updates regularly.

No matter how you watch the results, though, make sure you do one thing first: Vote. Seriously. Get out there and vote, if you haven't already. Because if anything has become clear, it's that this election really, really matters — and every single vote counts.