Diamondback Could Face 'The Defenders'

When Iron Fist premieres on Netflix in 2017, all of the pieces will be in place for Matt, Jessica, Luke, and Danny to team up. All they need now is someone to go up against. Sigourney Weaver has been cast as the villain in The Defenders , but she's just the Big Bad. It would be really cool if other antagonists from other Marvel Netflix series fought or encountered the team as well. Will Diamondback from Luke Cage be in The Defenders ? The villain only appeared in the second half of Season 1, and there's clearly more to his story. In a roundtable with reporters at New York Comic-Con, actor Erik LaRay Harvey said that he would love to return.

While Harvey hadn't heard anything about his involvement in The Defenders either way as of the conference, he said that "[Diamondback]'s a gun runner. There are guns everywhere. Whether you like that or not, it's true." Of all the villains in Marvel's various Netflix series, he is the most dramatic by far. I would love to see how Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock react to his antics.

He is open open to any and all crossovers, actually. "I would like to be the single gun runner in all [of the Marvel Cinematic Universe], even Black Panther. You know there's guns in Africa, so Diamondback is flexible in the sense that I think he can go anywhere, because anywhere in this world there's guns."

As fans who finished Luke Cage already know, Diamondback may go through a bit of a transformation at the end of the season, courtesy of Dr. Burstein. His suit was also ruined. "I thought it was really interesting that the show didn't give the suit to the hero, but they gave it to the villain," Harvey said. So, if Diamondback returns, either in The Defenders or Luke Cage Season 2, he won't look the same. "I'm sure he'll morph into something else," he said.

The Avengers came together to fight off an alien invasion and get justice for Phil Coulson, not because they like each other, and the characters in Marvel's The Defenders have a similar lone wolf sprit. It might take a lot to get them to work together. Personally, I would love it if the villains collided as much as the heroes in this team-up series. The Defenders should share more than fight training, superpowers, and the A train. I have a hunch that, at the very least, Daredevil and Luke Cage criminal Turk will show up. He's just got to. As long as Kilgrave isn't resurrected, like ever. No thank you to that.

Other supporting characters like Claire, Trish, Stick, Karen, Foggy, Misty, Malcolm, and Colleen have been announced for The Defenders. That's a lot of heroes! There's definitely a place for a villain like Diamondback, if not an entire Suicide Squad-esque rogue's gallery.

Images: David Geisbrecht, Myles Aronowitz/Netflix