Political Party Food Ideas For Election Night

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Whether you're looking forward to the election swinging in your favor, or looking forward to the election simply being over, election night is going to be an intense one for you. You probably already know that it's going to be blunted by a lot of drinking, and hey, I don't blame you. But before you get trashed on a night when tensions are so high, make sure you have some food in your stomach and take care of yourself. All of that energy built up over election season activated by unfavorable polls and too much booze could lead to something pretty lethal. That said, make sure you've got a belly full of nutritious padding and defense to help you make it through the night alive.

And not just any food of course — thematic, election night themed food, duh. Especially if you're hosting this election, you'll want to serve your guests some dishes that not only fill them up, but also break the tension and illicit a laugh. The last few months have felt like a collective race towards an apocalypse and while in many ways we very well might be, there's nothing we can do after we vote (FOR HILLARY), other than wait. So there's no use getting all hot and bothered while we wait for them to count the ballots. That's our time to have a good meal and a good chuckle before the night goes down in history. Here are a few ideas to inspire that political chef in you:

Spaghetti Alla Nasty Woman Sauce

Not your average spaghetti, this delicious and filling noodlefest comes from a Damn Delicious recipe for that calls for a Puttanesca sauce, because nothing says #imnasty like anchovies, capers and garlic. This mid-20th century dish is named after the Italian ladies of the night for its pungent and fragrant aroma.

Pumpkin Loaf

In honor of the copious amounts of spray tanner it looks like Donald Trump maybe possibly uses, make a an orange pumpkin loaf cake with this drool recipe by the Cookbook Queen.

Full-Of-It Pie

Because Trump is full of it. Duh. OK, so, remember that funky little chocolate pie from The Help? Yeah, you're gonna wanna go for that deep, dark, moist chocoate-y look here with this recipe, so this pie is perfect — but you don't want to poison your friends, so leave out the literal sh*t. Try this recipe from Averie Cooks, it's vegan and so yummy.

To Poutine, With Love

This is pretty simple: get yourself some cheese curds and make your guests a heaping bowl of poutine. Because, let's face it: If Trump wins, we're all moving to Canada, so we better get used to the cuisine. Fact: There's no better way to do that than with this recipe from I am a Food Blog.

Bully Sliders

In honor of the nation's biggest bully, Donald Trump, put together juicy beef sliders with the help of this recipe from A Cozy Kitchen. Add some hot sauce and some picked jalapeño slices so you can bully your friends — a little. And deliciously, of course. Serve this dish with a shot glass full of whole milk to counteract the jalapeno, because you're not actually a bully.

"You're Fried"

In honor of Trump's stint on The Celebrity Apprentice, fry up a big old basic of comfort classics. Get some onion rings in there, by using this baller recipe by Fo Reals Life.

Images: Amble Design/Shutterstock; Damn Delicious; The Cookbook Queen; Averie Cooks; I Am A Food Blog; A Cozy Kitchen; Fo Reals Life