Will Amelia & Owen Break Up On 'Grey's Anatomy'? He Knows Her Big Secret Now

Since Cristina Yang left Grey Sloan, I’ve been hoping for a happy ending for Owen Hunt. He endured a lot with Cristina, and all he wants is to have a big, happy family that loves him. Just when I thought that he and Amelia were a great match, boom — Amelia admitted that she doesn’t want kids on Grey’s Anatomy , and this could mean that her marriage to Owen is over, kaput, bye-bye.

Where did we go so wrong? They got married and decided they were ready to start having dem babies. Then Amelia thought she was pregnant and actually wasn’t — Owen was sad, because all he wants is kids, but Amelia felt nothing but overwhelming relief. Yeah, that’s a sign that you don’t want to have kids. I can’t blame Amelia for her feelings — in her Private Practice days, Amelia had a baby that was born without a brain and died in only 45 minutes after he was born. Oh, and her fiancé overdosed next to her and died (not at the same time as their son). Yeah, Amelia has been through a lot. Amelia confided to Alex about her feelings, and he, of course, implored her to tell Owen. She did, and she ended up at Meredith and Alex’s door — is Amelia and Owen’s marriage over?


They could just need a cooling off period, but not having kids is probably a deal breaker for Owen. I really don’t think that Amelia doesn’t want kids — she’s had one, and she wanted to have them with Owen. Instead, I think she’s scared of being an addict again and she’s scared of what happened with her son happening again. It would make sense if she came from a place of fear and that fear was blocking her from being completely truthful with Owen. I’m not here to tell a woman to have a baby — it’s her choice and her choice only — but I think that Amelia deciding not to have kids is the nail in the coffin of her relationship with Owen. You guys, why can’t these two have nice things?

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy