Who's Under The Sheet Theories From 'How To Get Away With Murder' Point To Connor's Demise

You guys, I can’t handle this season of How To Get Away With Murder. Coupled with the 2016 election and the 2016 World Series, I think I’m developing an ulcer. Since the beginning of Season 3, How To Get Away With Murder has been teasing that one of its own will die in Annalise’s house fire, and as the weeks have gone on, names have been scratched from the list. Theories about as to who is dead, and my latest (and saddest) theory is that Connor is under the sheet on How To Get Away With Murder .

Yes! I’m sorry! Sweet prince Connor could be with us no more. Here’s why — originally, I thought that Wes would be the one who would die, because Annalise would be so distraught if she accidentally killed her surrogate son. But no — Wes flipped on Annalise to the police, telling them about the fire and some murder, meaning that he was not dead in the fire or murdered. Bummer. We know that it’s a man that was found in the house, and the options are Nate, Frank, and Connor. Nate has been sort of MIA and is not with Annalise anymore, so he’s on my back burner. Frank is probably immortal and will never die, especially not in a house fire, so he’s out, too. Connor and Oliver have just started kissing and making up, bringing together How To Get Away With Murder ’s best couple once again. It makes sense, then, that this is the time to kill him and devastate everyone.

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Connor is a favorite on How To Get Away With Murder — everyone will be affected by his death, especially Michaela, Asher, and Oliver, with whom he is closest. Annalise seemed mighty distraught over the death when it was revealed just to her, but that could have been just for show. I don’t know that Annalise loves Connor more than anyone else. What matters is that everyone else on her team loves Connor, and it would sure make for interesting television if he’s dead. I don’t want him to be dead, mind you — but I think we’re nearing the end for sweet, sweet Connor.

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