Here's Where To Shop The Daya By Zendaya Line

by Kali Borovic

The big day is finally here! You can now shop the Daya By Zendaya clothing line, and believe me when I say you're going to want every single item. There's something for everyone in the versatile line, so no matter what your shape, size, or style, you won't be disappointed. Where can you buy Daya By Zendaya, you ask? You have a few shopping options but only one of them is permanent.

If you think Zendaya's shoe line is great, just wait until you see the entire ensemble. The singer and actress has come up with one heck of a clothing line. It's got everything from streetwear to office attire and everything in between. She's teased the line on social media for a while now, and these items were definitely worth the wait.

Your best bet for getting your hands on the clothing is the Daya By Zendaya website.

You'll be able to shop every single look right down to the shoes in sizes 0 to 22. Unfortunately, there are only pop-up shops in three different cities — New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles — on Nov. 5 and 6. Zendaya will be making an appearance at each on the first day too. Even though the store locations won't be around forever, you can breath easy because the website will be.

Graphic Sleeveless Sweatshirt, $68,

Not only is there a size and style for ever, but there's a price range for everyone as well. The line ranges from $18 to $158. Some of the styles are selling fast too. If you're looking to snag your favorites, I'd head over to the site as soon as you can.

"Daya by Zendaya is a true reflection of me and my crazy life. One moment I'm Michael Kors' date to the Met Gala…the next moment I'm in joggers, grocery shopping and arguing with my niece about what quinoa is… you'll see it all," said Zendaya in a press release.

Ribbed One Shoulder Crop Top, $58,

You really can't go wrong with any of these edgy and modern styles. What are you waiting for? Go shop before they're gone!

Images: Daya By Zendaya (2), dayabyzendaya/Instagram (1)