Another Bethenny Show?

by Kristie Rohwedder

Could it be? Could Bethenny Frankel be giving the TV game another go? Well, according to a RadarOnline exclusive, the reality show star-turned-talk show host/skinny cocktail maven might be working with Andy Cohen on yet another Bravo program. According to RadarOnline’s source, a new Frankel show is “a high priority” for Most Talkative, Cohen’s production company. Innnteresting. As any true Bravo fan knows, Frankel starred in The Real Housewives of New York City and spinoff series Bethenny Getting Married? (which turned into Bethenny Ever After). Last year, she branched out and tried her hand at the talk show thing, but Bethenny ’s cancellation was announced Feb. 14 2014 (oof. Happy Valentine's Day?). Given her success rate with the channel, a return to Bravo seems plausible.

But we must proceed with caution, because this RadarOnline story kind of conflicts with what Frankel said during Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live . When a caller asked what she’s going to do once her recently-cancelled talk show ends, Frankel said as much as she enjoyed doing that show, she currently has a lot on her plate: “I have my own Skinnygirl business, I have the cocktails and a lot of products that are launching this year,” she said. “I really do need a break … I’m really happy and I’m so grateful and it’s been such a great journey, but I really do need to check out and take a break.”

WWHL host Cohen brought up how well the Skinnygirl brand is doing right now, and Frankel replied that that’s what she wants to focus on at the moment. “I played the fame game, I won, it’s good,” she said. “But I don’t really want to do that right now.”

Kinda sounds like she’s donezo with TV, huh? Hm. But this RadarOnline story has me stroking my nonexistent beard. Stranger things have happened, my friend. Stranger things. We mustn’t rule out the possibility of the two of them being intentionally cagey about some top secret Bethenny Frankel show waiting in the Bravo wings.

Say Frankel and Cohen were being tight-lipped about some under wraps project. What might that project be? Perhaps another “follow Frankel around with cameras while she lives her life” program. And that’d be fine and dandy. Frankel is a great TV personality and her life is plenty entertaining. But what if they put the thing down, flipped it, and reversed it and tried something fresh? That could be neat. But what would it be?!?

Well, what do you know? I have some ideas for the maybe-Bethenny Frankel show! The show that might be nothing more than a rumor! Want to read 'em? Here they are:

A Housewives-y Travel Show

Radar’s source said Frankel won’t go back to RHONY, but what if she made cameos on the other Real Housewives shows? Picture this: Frankel tours the country and stops by each of the Housewives “sets.” She gets the scoop on each cast’s current drama, stirs the pot accordingly (bless her for never mincing her words), calls people out on their bullshit, and then vanishes. In addition to watching Frankel raise hell with Housewives, we watch her explore their cities and eat fun foods. It’d be a travel program (think Wild On) with a Housewives twist.

WOULD I WATCH THIS? Definitely. I’d be all about witnessing the events unfold from Frankel’s P.O.V., and then again through the Housewives lens.

A Mixology Competition Show

The premise is pretty simple: competitors make Skinnygirl drinks. A panel of four judges (Frankel, another Bravolebrity, a revered mixologist, and a celebrity guest) grade said drinks. There are secret ingredients, event-themed challenges, and time limits. All of the things you expect from a cooking competition show. Would it shamelessly promote the Skinnygirl brand? Sure, but who cares? I don’t.

WOULD I WATCH THIS? In my mind, the show is the drunk version of Cupcake Wars. So, DUH. I'd watch the shit out of it.

An Advice Show

Again, it's very simple. It's not a talk show like Bethenny, however. It's more like WWHL, but just Frankel. No guests. Callers call/write/tweet questions. Frankel offers advice. She offends people, helps people, pisses people off, enlightens people, and cracks herself up. She ends each episode with a clip from Skating With the Stars and says, "If I can do this, you can do anything you set your mind to. To an extent. Believe in yourself, but don't be an idiot about it. GOODNIGHT!"

WOULD I WATCH THIS? Yes because I cannot not watch anything that's on Bravo.

Whether or not a new Frankel show actually happens is T.B.D. What I do know? Ever since I heard Frankel tell Cohen about Skinnygirl hummus on WWHL, I can't stop eating hummus. Hummus is the best.