How To Watch The Election Results In Virginia

If you are a fellow human of Virginia, you may or may not be aware that Virginia is one of 11 swing states in the 2016 presidential election — which means that a lot of eyeballs are going to be locked on our state, wondering what direction we and our 13 electoral votes will lean. If you're wondering how to watch the election results in Virginia in real time on Nov. 8, the good news is that not only is that incredibly easy to do, but there are plenty of accessible ways to do it. It really just depends on what breadth of information you're looking for, and where you'd rather find it.

All of the major television networks will be covering election results in real time, including NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox; if you don't have access to a television, you can watch a live stream of the coverage on CNN, or a variety of social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Coverage on YouTube will begin at 7 p.m. EST on Nov. 8, live-streaming from NBC News, PBS, MTV News, Bloomberg, Telemundo, and The Young Turks. Twitter is partnering with BuzzFeed for "Election Night Live," which will start video-streaming on Nov. 8 on both the Twitter app and BuzzFeed. Major news outlets like CNN, ABC, and The New York Times will stream election results from Facebook, with CNN's starting the earliest at 9 a.m. EST.

Outside of video, Virginians will be able to check the map on sites like 270 To Win and POLITICO, the latter of which includes specific stats in real time when you scroll down the page.

In the meantime, if you want to familiarize yourself with the issues you'll be voting for in Virginia on the back of the ballot this year, including "Right To Work" and meal tax laws, head to Virginia's page on Ballotpedia. And remember, y'all — Virginia may be for lovers, but on Nov. 8, it's for voters!

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