Is Tyler Really Dead On 'The Vampire Diaries'? Damon Might Be Past The Point Of No Return

Ok, Vampire Diaries lovers, breathe. We might not have just seen what we think we saw. Tyler Lockwood, everyone's favorite werewolf who waltzed back into town this week, could still be alive. Either that, or Damon killed Tyler on The Vampire Diaries and has officially crossed over to the dark side. Yes, Damon continued to sink deeper and deeper under Sybil's spell in "You Decided That I Was Worth Saving," so much so that he almost killed Enzo, and later Bonnie. Thankfully, Alaric, Stefan, and Caroline were able to stop him, but unfortunately, they weren't around to save Tyler. The episode ended with Damon biting into Tyler's neck, and it sure looked like Tyler was bitting the dust — for good this time. But, is Tyler really dead on The Vampire Diaries ?

Over the course of eight seasons on The Vampire Diaries, Tyler has cheated death almost as many times as Elena. But, it seems likely that he might have finally met his true end. Tyler came back into town tonight, armed with an Armory-issue gun, and he didn't get very far. Even though Sybil was caught by Alaric and Stefan, she still controlled Damon's mind. So, when Tyler and Damon meet in the middle of the street and Sybil tells him she needs him to do something unforgivable, he does. Damon bit into Tyler's neck, not once, but twice, leaving the audience to conclude that Tyler might be dead for good.

When Tyler and Damon first met, it looked like Damon was strong enough to fight Sybil and let Tyler go, even though Tyler egged him on. Tyler told Damon that if he killed him, that would be it — nobody would ever forgive him. It would be the point of no return. And still, Damon did it. The episode cut to black after Damon bit into Tyler's neck, so there is still a chance that he is alive. However, if he is dead (RIP), then it could spell a world of trouble coming up on TVD.

Sybil's wanted Damon to do something that would compromise his friends and family's desire to fight for him. Killing Tyler would certainly be a huge step towards reaching that goal. IF Tyler truly is dead (and, again, it really looks like he is), then Damon's actions will certainly turn Caroline, Bonnie, and probably Alaric (that last one is debatable) against Damon. But Stefan will always choose Damon, which can only mean trouble ahead for Caroline and Stefan's engagement. It's really not cool when your potential brother in law kills your ex boyfriend just for the fun of it.

Rest in peace, Tyler. Know that you were loved in all of your forms: be it as a human with anger issues, a werewolf, or a hybrid. We'll miss you.

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