Tyler Leaves 'TVD' In A Shocking Way

We've known this was coming for a while now, had months to prepare and episodes to soak in the broody gorgeousness that is Michael Trevino. Even after all of that — now that the moment is here, I just wish we had more episodes! More werewolf shenanigans, more bro-time with Matt, more looking great in a tank top. But time has run out in Mystic Falls and Tyler Lockwood has left The Vampire Diaries after six seasons of playing football, becoming a werewolf, transforming into a hybrid vampire (the first of his kind!), dying and then coming back to earth. Yeah, he had a pretty full run but he was always at his best when he was a werewolf. What can I say? The temper and the rage looked good on him, plus he always used his wolf/hybrid strength for good.

So I guess it's fitting that his exit is tied into his werewolf transformation. After trying to keep his temper in check all season he finally triggered the werewolf curse. Of course it all happened because Tyler was forced to kill Liv to survive, because this is TVD and they are basically designed to break my heart. Luckily he had the presence of mind to do the gentlemanly thing and warn all the vampires in town away from him. Even more awesome? He came this close to taking out Kai with a werewolf bite while he was transformed. Of course it wasn't quite enough to kill him, but it's the thought that counts.

As if that wasn't tragic enough, he had his own dream-goodbye with Elena, who gave him pretty much the best advice of all time:

You're a wolf now Tyler, embrace it. Let it be the thing that makes you extraordinary.

I mean, he's already got the extraordinary thing down pat and much as I hate to admit it, leaving Mystic Falls is probably the best thing for him if he doesn't want to die (again). Is there hope for more Tyler? I sure hope so. I'd take a crossover, a special appearance, heck even flashback to high school Tyler, who will always be my favorite.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; forwoood/Tumblr