Gilmore Girls Predicted This Whole Crazy Election

One of the best parts of re-watching Gilmore Girls is catching all those little political references you may have missed the first time around. Of course Rory would have a "Stop the War on Choice" poster hanging in her Yale dorm room. And how could Lorelai possibly like anything about President George W. Bush? But is it possible that Gilmore Girls predicted the rise of Donald Trump and the wildly sexist 2016 election cycle?

Huffington Post senior editor Rebecca Shapiro posted on Twitter a clip from season 2 of Gilmore Girls. In this short clip, Paris Geller, Rory's extreme Type A enemy-turned-BFF, wonders why she can't win the school election even though she is obviously the most qualified candidate. Her friends Madeline and Louise try to break it down for her: The school voters agree Paris is more than competent, but she has a major "likability" problem.

"Most competent, most qualified, what else is there?" Paris asks Madeline and Louise when it's revealed that winning the election may be harder than she thought. The two friends reveal that they also polled "likability," and that most school voters polled thought Paris was "a tad scary." This will be a problem for Paris, because it seems like most voters aren't making their decision based on characteristics like competency.

"When asked if the likability issue would affect their voting choice, 100 percent said yes," Louise tells Paris.

"That's crazy," Paris responds. "You mean people would rather vote for a moronic twink who they like over somebody who could actually do the job."

Once again, Paris Geller speaks the truth. Paris always seemed like the perfect stand-in for a young Hillary Clinton. But who could have predicted that, in this clip, she was talking about businessman Trump and his wild presidential campaign?

Now, Trump isn't exactly a likable guy. There have been a number of articles over the last year discussing both Trump's and Clinton's terribly low likeability ratings, and Trump usually comes out on the worse end. However, numerous Trump supporters have been quoted in the media saying how much they "like" Trump because he's a straight-shooter who tells it like it is. In other words, he reflects everything that goes on in some voters' heads. Unfiltered, incoherent, but relatable.

Clinton, on the other hand, has been routinely held up as more than qualified and competent, but icy, chilly, untrustworthy and "crooked." Oh, and she should smile more. If she doesn't, that "moronic twink" may win.

Gilmore Girls has always been on point with its clever, breathless dialogue. Maybe we should have been listening more carefully all those years ago.