Drew Barrymore's Holiday Gift Strategy Is Genius

Have you started plotting your shopping strategy for the holiday season yet? If not, you should take gift-giving advice from Drew Barrymore this year. The always creative Barrymore came up with the perfect alternative to showering her daughters, Olive and Frankie, with toys for Christmas. In an interview with People, Barrymore revealed she gives her daughters crafting supplies instead of store bought toys, and she has the best reason behind these unconventional gifts. She explained,

"Instead of buying them toys, because I’m obviously cautious and don’t want to spoil them, I buy them lots of arts and crafts. They’re more inclined to share, it’s more communal, they make stuff. And I think it’s very perspective-appropriate, because they’re making things. A made thing is the best gift always."

Great gift-giving philosophy, or the greatest gift-giving philosophy? I'm going with the latter. By giving her daughters the tools to make things for themselves and others, Barrymore is nurturing their creative sides and teaching them that giving is just as rewarding as getting. While both of her daughters are still under the age of 5, the girls have already proven they have a strong artistic streak. According to Barrymore, they school her in the craft game all the time, but then again, she might be just a tiny bit biased.

Whether you are a mom or not, Barrymore's gift-giving practices are inspiring. Picking out the perfect present for all of your friends and family is never easy, but it might be more fun if each one of those gifts was personal or chosen with inspiring creativity in mind. Celebrity or not, it's easy to lose track of what is important in life, particularly during the mad rush to check names off your gift list. Before you head out to the shops, remember Barrymore and her amazing kids. Maybe a journal or a big box of craft supplies would be an even better gift than a toy your niece or nephew will forget about in an hour.

Barrymore is teaching her girls there is no limit to their imaginations. By giving them the tools to make their own toys and adventures, she is instilling in them a life-long love of creating. A toy in a box is nothing compared to the joy of self-expression.

If a celeb like Barrymore can keep her kids grounded and encourage them to create during the holiday season, then so can you. She knows the most important part of the holidays is showing your family and friends they are loved. That is a lesson anyone can learn from, especially as the holiday season kicks into high gear. This year give a gift that won't collect dust in the closet, and let your loved ones be as creative as little Olive and Frankie.