Cobie Smulders Hates Spin Class Just Like Us

Want to love (or just identify) with the How I Met Your Mother star even more? Robin Scherbatzky — Cobie Smulders hates crazy workouts. The gorgeous star told Self magazine that she stays fit without sweating! Okay, maybe this makes us hate her a bit, too.

But, seriously, you will never see her doing uphill climbs and sprints and all of that other sweaty stuff. She says:

So she doesn't exercise because it's bad for her acting. We see! What a good excuse to sit at home with bacon and chocolate — it's for work!

She also hates Bikram yoga, just like the rest of us who aren't masochists, celebrities, or stay-at-home moms. She says:

She has also said that she enjoys The Bar Method because she's not a "sweaty mess" after.

What's cool is that she does what works for her — not what some crazy fitness regime claims as the thing to do. In fact, she's not even obsessed with fitness — which is pretty cool to hear, since quite often stars are like, "all I do is work out all day long. Give up your day job and live in a gym, and you can look like me! SO EASY!" (I paraphrase.) Smulders says, "I've never been the person who's like, 'I've got to get a four-pack of abs!" It's nice to hear stars endorse a balanced lifestyle that includes exercise as a part of it, rather than the center of it. It's relatable! I relate! It's all about balance! Now excuse me while I go eat entire container of hummus to make up for the spin class that I went to this morning. You know, balance.

Also — be sure to catch Smulders in the How I Met Your Mother finale on March 31st! HOW WILL IT END?!?!