'Stranger Things' Star Millie Bobby Brown's New Music Video Proves The Young Actor Is Here To Stay — VIDEO

If you caught on to the Stranger Things phenomenon, you'd know that one young girl made an impact on a whole lot of people. We may know her mainly as Eleven, the mysterious yet, ahem, strangely endearing paranormal star of the TV show, but while the character is intriguing, it's the actor who plays her that truly deserves our attention. Case in point, as Entertainment Tonight relays, Millie Bobby Brown starred in Sigma ft. Birdy's, "Find Me" music video and she showed that she's way more than just the crazily popular Stranger Things character she's known for playing.

Something else this video proves? Brown also way more than just a supporting actor. The middle schooler is the central focus of the entire piece, and she manages to carry it with what seems like exactly zero difficulty. In fact, the video allows her to show her acting range. All those emotions that had to be muted or reserved to serve Eleven's mostly stoic character in Stranger Things are on display in this short but poignant clip. Seriously, you guys — this kid is really going places.

According to ET via Rolling Stone, the opportunity to show off her acting chops was one that Brown jumped at when she got word of the music video. She explained to the magazine that,

I was so excited when Birdy asked me to appear in her music video for her new single with Sigma. I have been a fan of hers for forever, and immediately fell in love with the song -- it was such an amazing experience. We shot on the streets of Los Angeles, well into the night, which was so cool!

Cool indeed.

In the music video, the actor gives a mature and inspired performance that really shows how serious she is about her craft. While it's confirmed that Eleven is coming back for Season 2 of Stranger Things , there's always the possibility that her character can get lost in the upside down or go off on her own adventures. But whatever happens to Eleven, it's clear that Brown, with that talent, is sticking around for years to come.