Celebs Want To Be On 'Game Of Thrones' Just As Badly As You Do

What would you do for a cameo on Game of Thrones ? Actor or not, most people would probably pay HBO a lot if the network let them have just one moment in Westeros. The show is so addictive and popular that it is not at all surprising that some actors will go to great lengths to impress the casting director, as GOT 's Carla Stronge attested in a recent interview. What is surprising is the sometimes downright bizarre methods they use.

Casting director Stronge spilled all (except for names, of course) to Metro during a recent interview in which she revealed that stars get a little too creative when they pitch themselves to the show sometimes. Many actors even send her gifts — but not necessarily the kind you would want to receive. For instance, Stronge revealed one person sent her a pack of playing cards featuring their face displaying their full range of emotion, and another sent her a stormtrooper with a sticker of their face attached to it (Daniel Craig, was that you?).

The most popular gift appears to be Kit Kats, which could mean everyone wants to be a wildling so they can hang out with Kit Harington for a day. Hey, I'm not going to judge. Who among us wouldn't bombard the Game of Thrones casting department with Kit Kats if there was a chance to share the screen with Jon Snow?


Part of the beauty of Game of Thrones is the show's penchant for hiring largely unknown or character actors to fill many of the major roles on the show. By avoiding big names, the show has not only made stars out of its cast, but it has also made Westeros feel real. If Tom Cruise just randomly strolled through a scene on the streets of Braavos, it would be more than a little distracting. And when it comes to cameos, Game of Thrones has largely reserved them for musicians. Members of Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, and Snow Patrol have all popped up over the years in non-obtrusive roles. Unless you are a major music aficionado, you probably didn't notice they were there.

For the most part, big name stars tend to bypass casting and go directly to the producers, but that can produce its on headaches. "The stars generally go to the producers directly but then they have a hard time trying to figure out where to put them. There are only so many cameos that you can have!" Stronge told Metro.

Keep trying, A-listers. Maybe just don't send Stronge anymore creepy playing cards. The role of Ramsay is taken.

Images: HBO; Giphy