Rhaegar May Be In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

There is no character more surrounded by legend in the Game of Thrones universe than Rhaegar Targaryen. Jon Snow's dad, the man who ran away with Lyanna Stark and ignited a war that forever changed the seven kingdoms, is kind of big deal, and attentive fans on Reddit suspect Game of Thrones has found its Rhaegar in the most unlikely of places: a rock band. Devin Oliver, who is part of the American band I See Stars, posted a cryptic Instagram picture captioned, "I may or may not have made an appearance in Game of Thrones Season 7."

Now, Game of Thrones has a long history of featuring musical guest stars in small parts. Members of Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, and Snow Patrol are just a few musicians who have popped up in Westeros over the years. Oliver could be keeping the tradition alive in Season 7 by playing a small, blink and you will miss it part. After all, he has no major acting credits to his name. But then there is the small, but crucial detail that the man looks like a born Targaryen.

Rhaegar is known for three things: his beauty, his skills on the battlefield, and his love for singing. In the books, it is noted Rhaegar once sang a song so beautiful it moved Lyanna Stark to tears. With all that in mind, it's not hard to believe a musical Adonis like Oliver will be bringing Rhaegar to life in a Season 7 flashback.

Oliver looks every inch the part of Rhaegar. From his flowing blond locks to his build, looking at photos of Oliver is like seeing the vision of Rhaegar George R.R. Martin described come to life. I know it is never wise to judge an actor by their looks in a world like Westeros, where a little makeup can turn anyone into a White Walker, but Oliver's clear resemblance to the most legendary Targaryen, who is not the Mother of Dragons, is hard to ignore.

Season 6 devoted a fair amount of time to flashbacks, thanks to Bran getting in touch with his greenseer gift. The major flashback of the season was the battle outside the Tower of Joy, and the subsequent reveal that Ned had indeed promised his sister Lyanna on her deathbed to keep her son with Rhaegar safe. That son was finally revealed to be Jon Snow.

The one major player in Jon's origin story who fans are still waiting to meet is Rhaegar. As Jon's father, Daenerys' brother, and the man many thought was the prince that was promised, Rhaegar is a pivotal character in the show's history. Even though he is no longer among the living, Rhaegar should be properly introduced on the show in a flashback, so the character's full magnetic presence can be felt.

The time for a Rhaegar appearance is right, and Oliver has the look to pull off the perfect Rhaegar. Whether or not Oliver is tasked with bringing the Targaryen legend to life in Season 7, there is no denying this guy is Rhaegar Targaryen. Let's hope Game of Thrones' casting department agrees.

Image: HBO