Cynthia Wants To Move On From Marriage On 'RHOA'

by Kayla Hawkins

A welcome sight on Bravo this fall, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 premiere checked back in with the cast, and whole a majority of the cast is currently single, yet another Housewife is about to join them. In the premiere, Cynthia Bailey filed for separation from her husband, Peter. The news broke in late spring of 2016, but now RHOA fans are seeing it from the other side. Last year, RHOA documented both the couple attempting to reconnect during the big trip to Jamaica, and Cynthia's disappointment at her inability to ignore their fundamental issues.

While meeting with her lawyer, Cynthia proves that she's serious about the split by dismissing finances and spousal support as a concern, and also confirming that Peter never actually committed infidelity, even if his alleged cheating video must have been hard to watch for her, especially since Peter voluntarily chose to leave their shared home in Atlanta in order to work on his new sports bar.

However, the lawyer was quick to point out that even if they chose to legally split, that it will be a six month or more process, and it will require going through the ringer as a couple, splitting assets and constant legal grappling. While she was quick to agree in the meeting, later, in a moment that felt more like an excerpt from a Shonda Rhimes production than a reality show, Cynthia even got emotional while she was leaving her lawyer's office and driving off.

Right now, Cynthia and Peter are currently divorced, but just like the separation announcement didn't show the depths of the couple's decision, I'm sure the remainder of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 will show how Cynthia's choice for divorce has impacted her life, and how this couple is attempting to make their way through life as two single people rather than a couple.

So far, Cynthia has been emotional, yet confident and self-assured in her decision to break up with Peter, and she's still as fierce and fabulous as ever. The rest of the season should show how the two make peace with both their singledom and one another.

Image: Mark Hill/Bravo