Bebe Rexha Sings With A Giant Furry "U" In A Very Confusing 2016 MTV VMAs Performance

Singer Bebe Rexha’s had a few good years on the charts — the 27-year-old has enjoyed hits like “In The Name Of Love,” “Me, Myself & I,” “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” and “Hey Mama,” and now, she’s the host of the 2016 MTV EMAs. She’s hitting the big time! She also got to perform on the award show, so that was great for her. Except Bebe Rexha’s 2016 MTV EMAs performance was so confusing to me.

Rexha performed her new single “I Got You,” which is a great song — I like most of her music, so I was down with the new tune. But when the show’s MC announced that she would be performing with a furry friend, I was confused — what do you mean, a furry friend? Well, she sang while rolling around in a giant “U” that was covered in fur. It had eyes and would blink sometimes. Now, my guess is the U was a play on the “I Got You” title of her song, but it wasn’t explained. That U was just chilling, sitting there, letting Rexha climb all over it while she sang her song. Doesn’t that U want something else out of its life? Does that U just want to be a video girl?

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I’m not saying that Rexha’s performance was bad, but it was just confusing to me how that giant furry member of the alphabet fit into all of this. From what I can see, this U is not a running occurrence in Rexha’s performances. I kind of felt like I needed to be on a hallucinogen to understand it, and that could be my bad. Maybe I needed more than the chocolate cake I ate as I watched the 2016 MTV EMAs. Rexha’s vocals were great, but her choice of stage accompaniment needed a little explaining.