What Photo Did Dwight Give Daryl On 'The Walking Dead'? The Polaraid May Be A Bloody Reminder

The Nov. 6 episode of The Walking Dead, "The Cell," seemed to pose a scenario in which the Others from Lost were pure evil, and not just hippies who had grown a little bit too attached to their magic island. In this version, Negan tasks Dwight with breaking Daryl, their prisoner. Only one tactic came close to working, though it was easy to miss. What Polaroid photo did Dwight give Daryl on The Walking Dead ? It seems that he was faced with what we've all been trying to forget.

First of all, I'm impressed with the Saviors for having not only a working television, but also a Polaroid camera and film. Second, we've seen Polaroids before at the base camp that Rick and the group raided. There was a whole wall of Lucille's victims, tacked up like mementos from summer camp. The picture that Dwight handed over was similarly bloody and blurry, leading me (and many other viewers) to believe it was a similar memento. Third, it had to be Glenn, right? Though it was hard to get a clear view of what the photo contained, it was almost certainly the remains of Glenn, and possibly Abraham as well.

It was much more effective than dog food sandwiches, a fake escape opportunity, and this sick beat of a song played on repeat. This photo is what finally brought Daryl to tears, and it was handed to him shortly after Dwight told him that it was his fault his friend was killed. The visual reminder of what Negan did to his friends is enough to send anyone over the edge, though I don't think we should blame Daryl, Dwight, or anyone other than Negan for Glenn's death.

However, it's understandable that Daryl would blame himself. At least he staying strong in his own way, and even having a small effect on Dwight and Sherry. My worry is that Negan will use this guilt over Glenn to drive a wedge between Daryl and his friends. If Negan manages to get Rick to turn against Daryl, I will truly be worried. Let's just hope that there are no more bloody photos involved. It was bad enough watching Lucille go to work the first time.

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Image: Gene Page/AMC