What 100 People Really Look Like When They Kiss

How do you know if you're a good kisser? It's one of the oldest questions in the dating and relationships book. While the answer probably depends on who you're making out with, perhaps it's time to address an equally important question: what do you look like when you're making out? And, the answer is simple, look at a video of yourself making out with a sheet of plexiglass. That's exactly what 100 lucky people got to do, thanks to Watchcut Video, who managed to get a whole group of folks to demonstrate their makeout skills on a piece of plastic. These few souls were brave enough to try it out so you don't have to.

So what do you find when you can see every bit of someone's makeout technique? Well, all of the usual techniques. You've got dishwashing tongues, slobberers, aggressive tongue-pokers — everything you can imagine is there. With some extra lipstick smudging just to finish it off. It's worth watching the whole video. But don't get too proud as you're watching, because I promise we would all look just as ridiculous if we made out with pexiglass, too.

Here are my favorites, because one of these may be your style, too.

The Asymmetrical Tongue

It's just darting off to the side, doing whatever it wants.

The Lingering Hand

It's like the romantic hand left caressing a face in a music video, but with, you know, more face smashing.

The 90-Degree Angle

I mean, I'm just not really sure what's happening here. What is the shape of the mouth he's kissing?

The Oblong Mouth

Her mouth opens straight up and down, and nothing else.

The Open Smush

We almost have an infinity symbol happening here, somehow. And I love that she's really committing to the romantic look on her face.

The Chin First

Sometimes you have to lead with your chin, then slowly get some mouth and tongue action in there.

The Double Fister

Not just one, but two hands are needed for this one. I don't know if it's a gentle stroking situation or an intense grasp, but her lipstick matches her shirt so I don't care.

The Smiler

I mean, you can actually see her smiling while she's kissing, which is great. And of course that lipstick smudges just show how much she's going for it.

The Knowing Nose

A sort of penguin kiss/face slam/kiss mashup, there's a whole lot of features happening here and it's all good.

Images: Watchcut Video/YouTube