"I Voted" Pictures From Celebrities Who Are Just As Excited About Those Stickers As The Rest Of Us — PHOTOS

I don't think anyone can disagree when I say that the 2016 presidential election has been rough, and I am not sorry to see it go. Even so, there's still something exciting about casting that ballot, despite all the stress it's caused. Without voting, there would be no free sticker, and what's better than that? Well, except maybe the satisfaction of taking part in this great nation's democratic process. And something else I'm loving this time around: Celebrities' voting photos, which are currently all over Instagram and Twitter.

Being that this year's election has been so unprecedented, many celebrities are getting word out there on how important it is to vote, and obviously, they're voting themselves, too. It's awesome to see them sending such a positive message, especially if their photos could encourage someone to vote who might not have taken the time to do it before. This particular cycle might have been one of the most headache-inducing ever, but regardless of the result, we're all basically living through history, so why not participate?

Here are all the celebs who have shared their voting pride. If this and the promise of that free sticker doesn't get you out to the polls, nothing will. (This post will be updated as more celebs share their voting pics, so check back for your faves!)

Chloe Bennet

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star combined the superhero world with the political world.

Jordan Peele

He looks kind of tired, but at least that emoji shows his feelings.

Miley Cyrus

Party In The U.S.A., everyone.

January Jones

Voting the Betty Draper way.

Padma Lakshmi

Vote for love.

Uzo Aduba

Looks like her reading material is appropriate for today.

Misha Collins

Family voting seems to be a theme this year.

Connie Britton

Of course Connie Britton got a margarita after she voted.

Ice Cube

Don't mess with early morning voters.

Zachary Quinto

Even the Vulcans are turning up to cast their vote.

Amy Schumer

Waiting in line would be so much more fun if Schumer was there!

Mindy Kaling

And with an American flag scarf to match!

Scott Foley

Do you think he voted for Mellie? I think he voted for Mellie.

Joe Jonas

The sticker on the nose pose is popular this year.

Nick Jonas

Just like his brother! Kevin, where you at?

Sarah Hyland

What's better than a voting selfie? A voting video.

Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudekis

Baby's first voting selfie!

Lena Dunham & Jack Antonoff

The couple that votes together stays together, right?

Anne Hathaway

Hathaway voted and looked super stylish doing it.

Anna Kendrick

Such an appropriate shirt for the occasion!

Taylor Schilling

It might just be her sticker, but it means something important.

America Ferrera

I'm a little bummed she's not wearing her "Make America Ferrera again" shirt, but whatevs.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw would probably take the same photo.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Her caption is everything.

Gina Rodriguez

Such a perfect selfie.

Amy Poehler

Leslie Knope would be insanely excited about this election, so it makes sense that Poehler is pumped about it, too.

Taylor Swift

Swift has remained pretty silent about this election, so it's good to see that she got out there and voted!

Kelly Ripa

Ripa voted with her son, who got to vote for the first time this year. How exciting!

Karlie Kloss

So many celebs had to vote absentee, but it's good to see that they didn't let those mail in ballots stop them.

Justin Theroux

Speaking of absentee ballots... Germany? That's commitment.

Mariska Hargitay

I feel like Olivia Benson would be super proud.

Candace Cameron Bure

Such a cute selfie!

Patton Oswalt

His reason for voting was his daughter, and I love that she was included in his selfie.

Neil Patrick Harris

Come on, did you really think he was going to sit this one out?

Chris Evans

Even Avengers have to vote, y'all.

Sarah Drew

The Grey's Anatomy star did not sit this one out.

Katy Perry

Perry has been outspoken through this entire election season, so it's no surprise that she dressed up for the event. How cute is she?!

Eva Longoria

Voting on the actual Election Day is fun, but not waiting in line is even more fun.

Jenna Fischer

I can assure you I did not look this precious when I voted.

Jessica Biel

Her husband, Justin Timberlake, may have gotten called out for posting a photo directly from the polls, but that didn't stop Biel from sharing adorable selfies of her own.

Lauren Conrad

Super simple but still dreamy, her voting photo basically represents her entire Instagram, aka the life I most want to live.

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore has always been vocal bout the importance of voting, so it's not surprising

Sophia Bush

If you've been following her on Twitter lately, you already know that Bush has many passionate feelings about this election, and I always look forward to her commentary on whatever insane but true election story has broken most recently.

Troian Bellisario

This Pretty Little Liars star didn't waste any time getting her vote out — and her caption is amazing, too.

Heidi Klum

She may have had to do it with an absentee ballot, but it still counts!

Idina Menzel

If Elsa can vote, so can you.

Shonda Rhimes

But honestly, would it be right if the woman behind Scandal didn't vote as early as possible?

Justin Timberlake

You're really, really not supposed to take this kind of selfie, but I'm so glad it exists.

Brie Larson

The Room star not only waited in an insanely long line to vote, but she also ordered a pizza to share with the others in line around her.

Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries star's selfie included a message for Hillary Clinton, in hopes that she wins. The eyepatch look is popular this year with stickers!

Constance Zimmer

For the record, Quinn from UnREAL totally would have voted early, too.

Josh Gad

The voice of Olaf from Frozen shared his selfie with his daughter. So adorable!

NeNe Leakes

And as a fellow resident of Georgia, I also got one of those precious peach stickers, too.


More peach stickers! I love it!

Lady Gaga

If Gaga can promote a new album and vote at the same time, the rest of us have no excuse.