Carry Your Fave Book With You Every Day

When you hear the word "book bag," you probably think of the slightly nerdy backpacks we all reluctantly carried around in high school — but no longer. These gorgeous book inspired bags from KrukruStudio are really changing the game. These book bags aren't to be confined to the classroom; you'll want to show these off any chance you get.

The faux leather book bags are designed around classic book covers from Pride and Prejudice to The Great Gatsby, and even non-fiction like Gray's Anatomy, so you can shout out to the world what you're reading (or what you want people to think you're reading instead of knowing you're toting Twilight around for the fifteenth time.) The bags themselves are beautifully designed; not only are they decorated with the books' vibrant covers, they also have detailing along the sides to look like pages. Oh, and here's the best part: they're designed in three different sizes, but each is the perfect shape to fit a book inside. Awesome!

KrukruStudio founder Max told Mashable that "the idea just came from above," and that they don't have to lose any money on marketing as "these bags advertise themselves." Have a look at these beautiful book shaped bags and see for yourself.

And just imagine: if you get one of these book bags to carry your writing equipment around this NaNoWriMo, perhaps KrukruStudio will be selling a bag with your novel cover on it by next year.

Images: KrukruStudio